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Stone Saison is all Farm-to-Table


Our peers who are less happy with harsh, hoppy flavors will be excited to know that Stone Brewery, who is notorious for making beer super-crude, has just released Stone Saison. Adding a lighter beer into the mix is something we rarely see from the Escondido-based brewery, but with the summer months ahead it’s going to be perfect for your palette.  Their newest brew consists of three main ingredients in lemon zest, lemon thyme, and lavender, all of which have been home-grown at Stone’s very own farm. It’s the perfect beer to transition from spring to summer, while knowing that the ingredients are from farm-to-table should make you feel a little better about your craftbeer drinking habits.

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Mellow Sous-vide Cooks Dinner While You’re at Work


Working a 9 to 5, along with all of the in’s and out’s can leave you tired, stressed, and lazy enough to not even cook dinner for yourself at the end of your day. However with inventions like the Mellow Sous-vide Machine, a helping hand in the kitchen is getting a lot less harder to come by and it’s saving your precious little time.

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CLAE Nathan Runner

You’re in a frenzy because summer means stepping up your kick game for all of the functions your about to attend. Meanwhile, CLAE introduced the Nathan Runner and you didn’t even know it. The likes of leather and suede grace the classic shaped upper, while the ultra lightweight blown EVA running outsole and TPU heel are designed for more than the usual movement. Oh, and adding a perforated toe box that lets your feet breathe also comes clutch, because who wants sweaty feet?

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Allen Iverson’s Documentary is Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival


Let’s get it straight, we all know Allen Iverson for his carelessness and energy on and off the court. Even though it served as the spawn that boosted his stardom and to being an eleven-time NBA All-Star, he somehow still fell off. With his new documentary Iverson premiering at Tribeca Film Festival on April 27, we’ll learn everything from when he was growing up as a kid who rose from poverty in Hampton, Virginia, to how he became one of NBA’s greatest success stories.

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Binauric’s Boom Boom Speaker Talks To You


Evolving the Bluetooth speaker industry, you’d think would be coming to an end real soon here, right? Apparently, the Binauric Boom Boom Speaker has different plans for the industry. Presenting itself with an oddly shaped yet unique design, Binauric wanted to keep the audio device simple as possible, but they also wanted to give it something different.

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The Hundreds Summer 2014 Collection


Fitting nicely into the summer months ahead of us, The Hundreds Summer 2014 Collection is hot out of the factories and ready to make its way onto your body. Building on the 90′s American suburbia concept that their 2014 Spring collection introduced, you’ll find looks in an all-new introduction of colorful graphic T-shirts, cut and sew items, and accessories.

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Recovering NASA’s Lost Lunar Photos


If it wasn’t for the hackers from the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, we wouldn’t be looking at these photos of the moon that were brought back from 1,500 analog data tapes stowed away in someones shed since the late 60′s. They include the first high-resolution photographs ever taken from behind the lunar horizon, including the first photo of an earthrise. It’s actually a pretty long, but very interesting story and you can check the full, less lazy version via Wired.

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PaperBoy Wine Comes in a Cardboard Bottle


When the weekend rolls around, sometimes we just like to kick back, relax, throw on a movie and sip a glass of the red. We already know that glass is recyclable, but an eco-friendlier version comes in the form of PaperBoy Wine. The newest wine from Sonoma County-based winery Truett-Hurst rolls-out in collaboration with Oakland, California-based packaging company Ecologic Brands.

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Black Out Light is a Designer Flashlight


Flashlight design has hit an all new height with the Black Out Light designed by 5.5 designstudio. Simple in form and function, this flashlight offers a unique twist on your typical, boring flashlight design. With it’s unique features like the stainless steel cylinder handle, a red painted turned wood on/off switch, a natural leather strap  and a cork pad which serves as a resting base – you won’t even realize the usefulness that is the flashlight. You can pick it up through Designer Box’s online shop, but limited quantities may have you scrounging, which means hurry!

Available HERE.

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The World’s Smallest Laptop Charger


I always make it a point to have my laptop fully charged the night before I take it anywhere. This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t want to carry my big-ass charger around. Now that Dart: the world’s smallest laptop charger has developed into a Kickstarter project, I’ll be able to start slacking on my overnight charges. It doesn’t matter if you own a PC or Mac, this universal charger was made to be just that – universal. They’ve used patented MIT technology called very high frequency (VHF) power conversion, while packing a 65W adapter and 2.1A USB charger into a 2.5 cubic inch package with a six-foot cable. Check the Dart Compatibility List to make sure your model is covered and you’ll be thanking us once yours has arrived in the mail.

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