The Hill-Side Opened an Online Fabric Store


Before the Internet, finding fabric was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s even taken the Internet time to catch up to the hype, but I think it’s finally getting there as The Hill-Side recently opened up their very own online fabric store. The New York-based company is mostly known for their use of custom Japanese-fabrics, so you know that their own store should contain the high-quality you’re looking for. Browsing through the store, (more…)

D’Angelo Releases ‘Black Messiah’ After 15 Years


By now, D’Angelo is a far-fetched memory of “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” hell, you might not even know who he is because you weren’t even born when my dude was making all the ladies lay down (your mom included) – that’s how long he’s been out of the game. But after 15 years he’s back with his brand new, highly anticipated album Black Messiah and it’s like he never left us. Nothing has changed either, (more…)

Brewie Is the World’s First Fully Automated Home-Brewery


We ‘re pretty sure home-breweries have surpassed meth labs this year, but we don’t have any real backing to our claim so just take that as you will. Brewie is a new, fully automated brewing machine that fits perfectly on your kitchen counter or wherever you see fit. Made for beginners and experts, the home-brewing machine offers a convenient, easy and effortless way of brewing your own beer at home and features a fully automated process (more…)

Shwood x Widmer Bros. Unite Beer and Sunglasses

shwood-widmer-bros-collab-01Pairing sunglasses and beer isn’t the most out-of-the-ordinary thing we’ve seen, but it’s pretty damn close. By no means are we throwing shade at the idea, because hell, who doesn’t like beer and sunglasses? The Shwood x Widmer Brothers Brewing collaboration creatively comes in the form of a one-of-a-kind package that contains a pair of richly textured oak sunglasses, an exclusive collaborative beer (Skipsaw Upheaval IPA) and a co-branded bottle opener to open the brew. All (more…)

Corkcicle Decapitator Is the Best Way to Open a Beer


Regular, boring people shouldn’t be reading this blog. People with imagination, creativity and passion should be all over us, however, we also like when lazy people read our content as well. If you somewhat fall into any of those categories then you’ll love the Decapitator Bottle Opener by Corkcicle. For the people who are tired of regular ol’ bottle openers, Decapitator offers a creatively alternative way of opening those not-so-twist-off craft beers. It also opens twist-off, (more…)

Mars Bluetooth Speaker Levitates Over a Subwoofer


Levitating Bluetooth speakers are actually a thing now (if you didn’t know that already). The newest one to hit the ever-evolving world of wirelessly playing your music is Mars. Yes, Mars. This spaceship-like levitating speaker gently hovers itself over a subwoofer/charging base station while pumping out your favorite jams. With a light-weight, aircraft-grade aluminum construction, it offers a convenient way for you to take this baby everywhere you go no matter the situation you might be (more…)

Spacelife Jacket is Made for Earth


Spending all of the money you saved up this year on the Spacelife Jacket probably isn’t your first priority, but you’re going to wish you made it a priority. The newest piece from the Dutch luxury brand is an introduction to their official launch taking place for Winter 2015/2016. You can obviously tell the jacket takes inspiration from the classic spacesuit, and along with that comes many technical features as well as excellent protection from the elements. (more…)

Direkt Concept is Back!


Being away for a couple of months really takes a toll on your site and your mindset. My words of advice, don’t ever quit the things you love, no matter the situation. Always, always stick to what you love, progress and never ever give up. These past few months I had to put a halt on the site not because I wanted to, but because I thought it was time to step away and rethink a (more…)

This is the Most Expensive Photograph Ever Sold


Being a HUGE fan of landscape photography, the immediate moment I stepped into a Peter Lik gallery in Maui, Hi I knew I’d be in there for a solid two hours, if not, longer. Recently, Peter Lik has been all over the internet having sold his Phantom photograph to a private collector for $6.5 million – setting the world record for the most expensive photograph ever. Lik’s prized photograph was shot in Arizona’s Antelope Canyon and (more…)

These Minimal Prints are Perfect for Sports Fans


Minimal art has certainly found it’s way into the world of design these past few years and adding to the craze is Fine Sports Prints. Dedicated to producing and selling minimal sport prints, Fine Sports gathers artists to produce art and sell it through their online store front. Existing prints consists of the likes of Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, American Football team logos, sport quotes and more. The prints are printed on the finest archival papers, (more…)

KIVA Bars are Infused with Cannabis


Ah, yes! We are sure that we’ll be finding more and more products like KIVA as marijuana legalization hits the mainstream. Thanks to Washington and Colorado we’ve been seeing a lot more legit-packaged products infused with cannabis and they are making their way into those special shops. California-born KIVA Confections is infusing their KIVA chocolate bars with good amounts of cannabis and stoners everywhere are rejoicing. This beautifully branded product consists of a variety of flavors (more…)

Zagbox Holds Your Stuff with Eco-friendly Style


Making something out of what you think is nothing is exactly what Zagbox is accomplishing here. Created by Peter Lowe, an engineer with love for art and design, his first product consists of a line of modern containers for holding and displaying whatever you see fit. The boxes are laser cut from eco-friendly wood and arrive flat packed, relying on clever features cut into the wood to assemble easily without tools or fasteners. However, after assembling your (more…)

The World’s First 99-Pack of Beer is Genius


“99 bottles of beer on the wall” has taken on a literal meaning due to Austin Beer Works’ 99-Pack of Peacemaker Anytime Ale Beer. It should actually be “99 CANS of beer on the wall” in this instance, but we just had to throw the old lyrics to the song in this post, somehow, someway. Austin Beer Works is also living up to the saying of “everything is bigger in Texas,” so it just goes to (more…)

Weekend Recipe: Chilli & Lime Ceviche


It’s gonna be HOT this weekend and there’s no better way to cool off within the confines of your own home by grubbing on a little bit of (or a lot of) Chilli and Lime Ceviche. It can’t really be called a meal, but it’s a damn good snack to have around, especially in this weather. Throw it together in a few minutes, break out some tostada shells, bring out your inner Mexican and you are (more…)

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