Akomplice Magic Plant Capsule Collection


Applying a particular concept to a clothing line isn’t the easiest of tasks. Somehow, Akomplice always seems to come up with the most original concepts and product in the streetwear industry. Take this new release for instance. A capsule collection, Akomplice takes a scientific approach with a botanic twist in the form of the Magic Plant Series. Inspired by psychedelic plants, each item within the collection is individually hang-tagged with a botany handbook, illustrating the genus and species of each of these plants. The collection is composed of t-shirts, crewneck pullovers, floral field jackets, 5-panel hats and even a skate deck.  Not only are you getting quality clothing here but you’re also being educated through the clothing you choose to wear.

Available HERE.

akomplice-magic-plant-collection-01 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-14 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-13 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-12 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-11 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-10 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-09 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-08 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-07 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-06 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-05 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-04 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-03 akomplice-magic-plant-collection-02

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