Zagbox Holds Your Stuff with Eco-friendly Style


Making something out of what you think is nothing is exactly what Zagbox is accomplishing here. Created by Peter Lowe, an engineer with love for art and design, his first product consists of a line of modern containers for holding and displaying whatever you see fit. The boxes are laser cut from eco-friendly wood and arrive flat packed, relying on clever features cut into the wood to assemble easily without tools or fasteners. However, after assembling your box it doesn’t have to permanently stay in that form. Because the boxes use no permanent fasteners, they can easily be disassembled for transport or storage, making your travel efforts less of an effort and more of a convenience. Zagbox comes in three different sizes and if it grabs your interest, your best bet is to back it now via Kickstarter.

zagbox-01 zagbox-03

3 thoughts on “Zagbox Holds Your Stuff with Eco-friendly Style

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    Jeanne Lowe - 09/23/2014


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    Peter - 09/24/2014

    Thanks for the story!
    I’d be happy to answer if readers have any questions, just ask here and I’ll answer!

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      drktcncpt - 09/25/2014

      No problem!! Thank you, Peter.

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