Brewie Is the World’s First Fully Automated Home-Brewery


We ‘re pretty sure home-breweries have surpassed meth labs this year, but we don’t have any real backing to our claim so just take that as you will. Brewie is a new, fully automated brewing machine that fits perfectly on your kitchen counter or wherever you see fit. Made for beginners and experts, the home-brewing machine offers a convenient, easy and effortless way of brewing your own beer at home and features a fully automated process that consists of dialing in your preferred brew, hitting a button and letting Brewie do the rest. The “Brewie Pad” makes the process even easier as it carries all of the ingredients you need to brew a beer in one single bag, while also coming with an RFID card that contains all the details of your recipe. All you have to do is scan the card in front of Brewie’s RFID reader and it will automatically know what kind of brew you want to brew. Then you hit that single button we talked about earlier, let it brew for 5-6 hours, ferment for 5-14 days and who knows?! Maybe you’ll have the next craft beer craze right at your finger tips.


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