Corkcicle Decapitator Is the Best Way to Open a Beer


Regular, boring people shouldn’t be reading this blog. People with imagination, creativity and passion should be all over us, however, we also like when lazy people read our content as well. If you somewhat fall into any of those categories then you’ll love the Decapitator Bottle Opener by Corkcicle. For the people who are tired of regular ol’ bottle openers, Decapitator offers a creatively alternative way of opening those not-so-twist-off craft beers. It also opens twist-off, but come on, are you really that lazy? It’s made from stainless steel, so it’ll practically last you until life’s last beer and it also featured a magnet that holds your cap inside until you’re ready to dispose of the evidence. It comes in our favorite, matte black, and is available now for purchase.

Available HERE.

corkcicle-decapitator-bottle-opener-02 corkcicle-decapitator-bottle-opener-03 corkcicle-decapitator-bottle-opener-04

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