D’Angelo Releases ‘Black Messiah’ After 15 Years


By now, D’Angelo is a far-fetched memory of “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” hell, you might not even know who he is because you weren’t even born when my dude was making all the ladies lay down (your mom included) – that’s how long he’s been out of the game. But after 15 years he’s back with his brand new, highly anticipated album Black Messiah and it’s like he never left us. Nothing has changed either, from his soft, soulful yet piercing vocals to the perfection he chooses that is the musical production. On top of that, I haven’t been able to find one negative review on this album, yet, and I don’t think there will be one any time soon. This album could be the best thing that happened to music in 2014, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Check the full album stream below via Spotify and you can leave your thanks in the comment section.


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