Direkt Concept is Back!


Being away for a couple of months really takes a toll on your site and your mindset. My words of advice, don’t ever quit the things you love, no matter the situation. Always, always stick to what you love, progress and never ever give up. These past few months I had to put a halt on the site not because I wanted to, but because I thought it was time to step away and rethink a few things that I had going on at that moment. I thought about Direkt Concept every single day, wrote down every single idea that came to mind (even if it didn’t have to do with the site) and surprisingly enough, I went back to school to pursue something even bigger. I’ve learned a lot these past few months and I hope to never ever take this much time away from something that I truly love to do. So with that, DRKT is officially back! It’s going to be hard getting back into the groove of things, but I promise you the site will be back to its normal rotation in no time and I’ll be sticking to DRKT’s newly found motto: Curate Content Carefully.

It’s a brand new day, Stay Tuned!

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