Mars Bluetooth Speaker Levitates Over a Subwoofer


Levitating Bluetooth speakers are actually a thing now (if you didn’t know that already). The newest one to hit the ever-evolving world of wirelessly playing your music is Mars. Yes, Mars. This spaceship-like levitating speaker gently hovers itself over a subwoofer/charging base station while pumping out your favorite jams. With a light-weight, aircraft-grade aluminum construction, it offers a convenient way for you to take this baby everywhere you go no matter the situation you might be getting yourself into: rain, snow or shine. Since we are so sure you’ll be using this for conference calls, it also has a built-in mic along with proximity volume that knows exactly how far away it is from your paired device, adjusting it’s volume depending on your distance. If you didn’t know believe in aliens before, you should now.

Available HERE.



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