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‘The Man Behind The Mountain’

Coming from a small, agricultural county (Imperial County) it’s always nice to see someone receiving recognition for whatever their dedication may be or might have been. I grew up hearing stories about Salvation Mountain and I’ve been lucky enough to go and check it out. Filmmakers Ben Stoddard and Dave Ehrenreich were (obviously) also intrigued, so they explored the mountain to learn more about the unassuming man behind it, Leonard Knight. The mountain is made entirely from adobe, straw and paint, with numerous murals and bible versus gracing its outer walls. Take a look at the short film ‘The Man Behind the Mountain” above to get more of an insight on this beautiful story.

John Byron Offers Billion’s of Options to Customize a Dress Shirt


Handmade, quality, custom dress shirts are hard to come by these days, but with a little help from the John Byron collection your days of finding nothing but crap-quality are over. With over four billion design options available to you on the website, build a shirt to your liking, then let it be handcrafted in the USA with the finest material possible. While the over four billion design options might have you in a shirt frenzy, there’s no need to worry – start from the pattern, then select your type of front, back, pockets, collar, cuffs and even add a monogram (these are just some of the options), the satisfaction you have after building it will be priceless.

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Locate NYC’s Independent Coffee Shops with CUPS


Obviously there’s a Starbucks on every corner of New York City, but what about those independently owned shops that have yet to be discovered? Well, the CUPS app was developed to connect its users with those independent cafe’s within the NYC area. Purchase a membership with prepaid plans and you’ll receive discounted drinks at some of the city’s best coffee shops that you didn’t even know existed. So, get out there, support your local small business’ and let the big guy feel a hit for once. Oh, and visit the CUPS website it’s pretty damn cool.

Download HERE.

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Nerdwax Wants to Prevent Your Glasses From Falling Off Your Face

We love when people find a problem, build on it, fix it and put it out there for the world to consume it. That’s exactly what Don Hejny did with Nerdwax. An audio engineer from Nashville, TN, Hejny’s inspiration to create the wax derived from a concert he attended in Texas, where the musician he was watching kept having to push her glasses up during her set, which in turn gave Don the brilliant idea of Nerdwax. Made from a beeswax and a coconut oil-based blend of all-natural and organic ingredients, Don’s genius invention comes in a lip balm-sized tube that you apply to the pads or bridge of your glasses to prevent them from slipping. He’s tested it with friends and family with all giving him positive feedback. Ten dollars for a tube my seem a little steep at first glance, but it will last you about six to eight months, which we think is well worth it.

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Gramofon is a Modern Jukebox


Described as a modernized jukebox, Gramofon is just that. Connect it to the sound system or speakers of your choice by utilizing WiFi or ethernet, not Bluetooth. You might be thinking, “I’ll just get Apple’s AirPlay,” that’s fine and all, but the fun stops at Apple. You’ll be able to stream your favorite playlists from Spotify or listen to the free radio service called WahWah to get your music fix. Multiple people can also connect and control the music from an Android or iOS phone. However, it doesn’t stop there. Since Gramafon is developed by the same team behind Fon (the worlds largest WiFi network) they also doubled it as a WiFi hotspot, allowing you to get free WiFi in millions of places around the world – you don’t even need a password to connect, simply log on with your Facebook account. Look for Fon to add compatibility with Grooveshark, SoundCloud, rdio, Google Play and several other services. Once that happens, you won’t even look at anything else.

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Thankfully, the Navigator Leather Wallet isn’t on Kickstarter


An overkill of wallets have been gracing Kickstarter since I can remember, and honestly I’m getting tired of it. However, when I came across the Icon 1000 Navigator leather wallet I decided it was time to appreciate wallets again; 1) because it isn’t on Kickstarter and 2) it just looks good. With the beautiful burnished Nissan leather and waxed leather canvas it’s definitely hard to go wrong with this one. It features six internal card pockets, one currency slot and the craftsmanship every man deserves. Basically, you won’t be regretting your purchase.

Available HERE.

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Hisy Wants to Help You Take a Selfie


I’m actually shocked that “selfies”  are barely hitting the main stream. This has been happening since the camera was invented, but since mobile tech is all of the hype these days have a little bit of an understanding. HISY was invented for the selfie and it assists you with taking a selfie by simply connecting it to your device via Bluetooth and pressing the button. It works up to 90 ft. away, doesn’t need a coinciding app to work and the battery lasts more than two years! It’s compatible with iOS7 devices or later and is ready to take on your dome-piece one selfie at a time.

Available HERE.

The Artifox Desk Adapts to Today’s Technology


Adapting to technology comes in the form of the Artifox Desk. It might look like a piece of wood slapped on top of a couple makeshift legs, but in reality this desk offers much more than what appears. Look around the desk and you’ll find that there’s a dry erase board on the right hand side to jot down notes, reminders, etc., it even comes with an eraser to match. Look closer and you’ll find that there’s a built-in dock for both your iPad and iPhone on the desk’s surface, while managing cord clutter to the best of capabilities happens underneath the surface. Organization also plays a huge roll (since this is minimalistic) with the placed hooks around the desk to hang whatever you feel should be hung.

Available HERE.

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Frost a Beer Glass within Seconds


Your home bar might be lacking a freezer big enough to hold your many varieties of beer glasses and with summer right around the corner that’s completely unacceptable. Good thing Hammer Schlemmer is stepping up to the plate and offering an alternative to that lack of a freezer calling it the Beer Glass Froster. In about 10 seconds you can transform your room-temperature glass into a frosty, cold, delicious-looking glass. It works by using a carbon dioxide canister that releases CO2 onto the glass and turns it ice-cold instantly. Add this touch to your home bar now and we promise you’ll be thanking us when summer hits.

Available HERE.

Nike SB is Drawing Inspiration from a Hacky Sack

With 4/20 coming up, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing brands release their special edition capsule collections to coincide with the stoner holiday. This year, Nike SB is drawing inspiration from a hacky sack as they’re releasing a collection dubbed the “Hacky Sack” collection. The collection will consist of the Eric Koston SE, Zoom Stefan Janoski and the Project BA’s.

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