These Minimal Prints are Perfect for Sports Fans


Minimal art has certainly found it’s way into the world of design these past few years and adding to the craze is Fine Sports Prints. Dedicated to producing and selling minimal sport prints, Fine Sports gathers artists to produce art and sell it through their online store front. Existing prints consists of the likes of Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, American Football team logos, sport quotes and more. The prints are printed on the finest archival papers, (more…)

Cryptik Releases Bayon Buddha Serigraph Print


It’s always a treat when Cryptik releases a new design. His work is so intricate and detailed that you can look at it over and over again and always find something you hadn’t seen the time before that. His latest offering comes in the form of Bayon Buddha and he’s released it as a serigraph print on 80lb black fine art paper. The print is limited to 75 pieces and is signed, numbered and embossed by (more…)

The Periodic Table of Hip-Hop


Not too long ago Pop Chart Lab released the Hip-Hop Flow Chart where they ranked a rappers vocabulary. Now they are quickly back with The Periodic Table of Hip-Hop. Produced in conjunction with A3C, an Atlanta hip-hop festival, this scientific arrangement of MCs features the likes of the originator DJ Kool Herc to one of hip-hops newest acts Flat Bush Zombies, along with the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Aesop Rock and more. Each (more…)

Stained Glass Portrait Illustrations by Italian Twin Duo Van Orton


The stained glass filter in Photoshop is a cool feature and all, but your results probably differ far from these illustrations by Italian twin duo Van Orton. Carefully taking on the stained glass approach, their variety of collections consist of a Producer/DJ collection, Director’s Cut collection and a Retrogames Collection. Each of them follow their theme with the likes of producers Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk, while directors consist of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick and (more…)

Humanity and Nature Combine to Create These Digital Prints


We were alerted by email about Kito Mbiango’s artwork and once we had the chance to lay eyes on all of his pieces, we knew this immediately had to go up. Beginning his work as a photographer, Kito has been evolving his artistic career into the path you see now. He uses his many cultural influences to create original artwork that naturally combines the illustrative elements of photography and painting into one manipulative piece. All of (more…)

Pop Chart Lab Highlights the Villains of Batman with a New Print


Taking on the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight, Pop Chart Lab has designed The Myriad Monikers of Gotham’s Villains 2.0 print to celebrate. Featuring an all new pulp-inspired design, this 12″ x 16″ chart categorizes by name almost every one of Batman’s enemies – from big-time villains the Joker and Mr. Freeze, to lesser-known villains like the Walrus, Batzarro, and Larry the Judge. The poster is printed on 100 lb. archival stock paper certified by (more…)

Shepard Fairey x Prints On Wood Coffee Table Art Piece


Shepard Fairey and Prints on Wood have come together to release a limited edition piece of wooden artwork designed by Shepard Fairey that can actually double as a coffee table. Printed on a 38″ x 38″ wooden board, the wooden print will be made upon ordering and the whole process will be done by hand. The Lotus Woman print is recognizable print from Fairey and it sits inside a waxed and rust treated steel frame to (more…)

Illustrations Paying Tribute to Robin Williams

illustrations-paying-tribute-to-robin-williams-02We originally wanted to post these illustrations paying tribute to Robin Williams on today’s Mad Linkage segment. We decided that these illustrations deserved more than that, so we wanted them to be our last post of the day paying tribute to the man who made us all laugh. It’s amazing how the death of someone you don’t even know can truly have some kind effect on you, especially the death of a man like Robin Williams. (more…)

Banksy in New York


After Banksy’s stint in New York; selling his authentic, original stencil prints in NYC’s Central Park for only $60, people were shocked, pissed and saddened to know that they missed out on one of the best investment opportunities since Apple. Now we can all remember those moments and the one’s he actually went to New York for (gracing the city with his famous street art) with a new book titled Banksy in New York. Written and (more…)

FRICKbits Turns Self Data into Art


In an interesting effort to turn your data into art, FRICKbits is an app started by artist Laura Frick to do exactly that. The story is interesting, however, due to the fact that when Laura set out to have her app developed, she met thirteen23 along the way and made a trade. That trade resulted in the mobile technology shop in Austin Texas to get a full lobby installation of Frick’s art based on their chat (more…)

D.E.P. is a Dry Erase Marker in a Spray Can


We have no problem with tagging up a wall or two as long as it has great visual appeal and it’s not some gang affiliated tag being written on someone’s house fence. Getting into the actual game and making your stuff visually appealing is all part of a process that takes countless hours and many bombed walls of practice to achieve. If you’re thinking about dabbing into the game, but don’t feel like getting arrested over (more…)

Poster Posse Celebrates 75 Years of Batman

batman-poster-posse-blurppy-75-year-tribute-02Batman is celebrating his 75th anniversary this year and to pay tribute to the Caped Crusader, Poster Posse and Blurppy release five phases of posters to celebrate the milestone. A little background on the Poster Posse; they are a group of very talented artists who create original fan posters for various characters and films thus resulting in ultimate glory. This particular project focused solely on Batman, ranging from a bunch of different versions of the Dark (more…)

Giant Blackbook Displays the Art of Mike Giant


San Francisco-based and Mike Giant-owned Rebel 8 have teamed up with Gingko Press to release this illustrious book titled Giant Blackbook. It’s no doubt Mike Giant has made a name for himself in multiple realms of art with tattoo and graffiti being his most recognized. This 108-page custom book shows off the open potential with 10 spreads of Giant’s recognizable hand scripts and drawings. This is definitely a book you want to add to your coffee (more…)

Glitched Images Were Once Portraits of People


Imagination can go a long way in creating a beautiful piece of artwork. Supranav Dash’s Pixel Studies are a great example of that as he takes what were once portraits of people shot by Supranav himself, are now completely glitched out images of whatever your imagination can come up with. He utilizes a number of filter and glitch apps to accomplish his work and it seems pretty time-consuming being that he uses upwards of up to (more…)

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