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This Chart Drops Knowledge on the Many Varieties of Whiskey


It was only a matter of time that Pop Chart finally graced us with a graphic having to do with whiskey. Their Many Varieties of Whiskey chart categorizes all of the major whiskey players such as scotch, bourbon, single malt and moonshine. It then spreads out and separates the whiskey’s by American, Irish, Scotch and Canadian, while also noting all of the famous brands that were derived from those places. If you do decide to order the 18″x24″ print, it will come in a limited edition wood engraving with a cork and metal cask strapping and the realization of never not knowing what whiskey you’re going to buy at the liquor store.

Available HERE.

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Pop-Culture Artists Integrated into Vintage Ads


Pop-culture icons of our time have been integrated into vintage ads by David Redon. Looking back at his archives we see that he’s been doing this (or at least posting them to tumblr) since July 2013. His “Ads Libitum” showcases all of the work that he’s done to date, so be sure to check out the rest of his pieces via the site. You’ll find the ads to be pretty funny and disturbingly on point, as Kanye West is turned into Rosie The Riveter and Daft Punk “Gets Lucky” in a Las Vegas-style ad. Check out our favorites after the jump!

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These Typeface Posters Utilize History


Finding that these posters look familiar isn’t a shock due to the fonts that Swedish engineer and designer, Per Nilsson used for the typeface posters. Utilizing the Futura, Garmond and Helvetica typefaces Nilsson dove deep into the history of each font and compares the history and characteristics to the landmarks seen on each poster. Along with that, all of the prints show the different variations of each font, the creators name and the year the font was created. The posters are printed in 18″ x 28″  on high quality paper, and are delivered without a frame in a paper tube.

Available HERE.

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Shepard Fairey x Dennis Morris Bob Marley Print


We are pretty stoked about the new Bob Marley print from Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris. So stoked that we were debating on even posting this up because we are looking to get our grubby hands all over this thing once it hits Obey’s web-store on Tuesday April 1, 2014. The new print is based on a photograph taken by British-photographer Dennis Morris and features the definitive medium that Shepard Fairey and his Obey team have mastered throughout the years. Look for the 18″ x 24″ print to come screen printed and signed by Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris, and hopefully we can get our hands on it before you do.

Available HERE.

The Making of Neon Signs

Passing by business signage everyday, I don’t think we take enough time to appreciate the art and craftsmanship it took to get that sign made. Particularly with neon signs, it’s a craft that a lot of people take for granted unknowingly. In appreciation of the craft The Making of Neon Signs by Cpak Studio for M+ gives us an inside look at how neon signs are made as master craftsmen go through the production processes from design, tube bending, gas filling and more. It’s only 11-minutes out of your day, so don’t hesitate to show some appreciation.


Photorealistic Paintings of Contemporary Homes


At first glance, your eyes will tell you that these Photorealistic Paintings of Contemporary Homes are in fact real. Blink one more time and sure enough you’ll find that these photos are in fact paintings. San Francisco-based artist Tom McKinley is the brains behind the project that explores these classic mid-century and contemporary homes. You’ll also find that the paintings don’t contain any human occupants, but obviously portray that someone does live in the home. The houses are clean and simple in architectural geometry and feature luxurious goods like reflective swimming pools, pool tables, furniture and patio verandas that are complemented by modern art. Check the painting below and let us know what you think!

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Genetic Ink Takes Your DNA and Turns It into Art


We aren’t strangers to the fact that you can get your DNA printed out onto a piece of paper, but Genetic Ink does it a bit differently than its competition. The New York City-based startup has a mission to take genetic sequencing and turn it into high design with a system for turning genetic information into a wall-ready piece of art. It starts off with a DNA collection kit that Genetic Ink sends you via mail. You’re then instructed to swab the inside of your cheek, send it back to the company, and they sequence your DNA using a special algorithm to turn it into a wall-ready piece of art.  their FDA-approved lab. No need to worry about someone stealing your DNA either because your sample is anonymized to protect your privacy and sequenced in an FDA-approved lab. Choose from 17 different color schemes and four different sizes, and you can finally have your genetics on the wall.

Available HERE.

(via Fast Co. Design)

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The Definitive History of Bitcoin


I’ve been asked so many times about what the hell Bitcoin is and I don’t blame the people one bit, because when you dive deep into it, it can get pretty damn complicated. This crypto-currency or as I like to call it, fiat money, has drawn mystery and criticism over the years, but has just recently hit the media mainstream and beyond. Now people are wondering how the hell this crypto-currency came to be, so Visual Capitalist decided to put together an infographic calling it: The Definitive History of Bitcoin. Hopefully this can clear up any confusion that arises during your investigation into this mysterious currency.

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We aren’t strangers to speakers built-in to artwork. However, we are strangers to speakers built-in to your very own custom art or photography. A company by the name of Soundwall is allowing for that to happen, but if you aren’t to fond of your own artwork you can always choose from their existing gallery. In our case, we would probably go with our own work just because we can do that. If you’re a painter, you should be pretty stoked over this too because you can order a blank Soundwall canvas and paint whatever your little heart desire. Who knows? When you’re done with your masterpiece, you might be able to sell it for quadruple the price.

Available HERE.

Society6 Shower Curtains


We’ve grown to love the art on our walls, so now we’ll have to start on the love for our bathrooms with the introduction of Society6 Shower Curtains. Your favorite artists now have the option of selling their art on the bathroom necessity, but that’s only if their art meets the 6000px x 6000px requirement. So, if you don’t see your favorite art piece has the shower curtain option, hope that your artist is working on getting those required dimensions to Society 6. In the mean time their are already a slew of curtains to choose from, so you might not even need to hope.

Available HERE.