Zagbox Holds Your Stuff with Eco-friendly Style


Making something out of what you think is nothing is exactly what Zagbox is accomplishing here. Created by Peter Lowe, an engineer with love for art and design, his first product consists of a line of modern containers for holding and displaying whatever you see fit. The boxes are laser cut from eco-friendly wood and arrive flat packed, relying on clever features cut into the wood to assemble easily without tools or fasteners. However, after assembling your (more…)

These Wood Mugs are Made for Beer


It’s not everyday we drink beer out of a glass and it’s certainly not everyday we drink beer out a wooden cup. However, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks is about to change that for us with their Wooden Beer Mug. Designed to the same standard as their butcher blocks, this wooden cup is aesthetically pleasing and built to impress your fellow drinking buddies. The cup’s ergonomics is also on point as BBB perfected the design of how you (more…)

Nike Ultimate Jet Concept is Over the Top


There’s no question this would be the sickest plane ride anyone has ever ridden in. Unfortunately, the Ultimate Private Jet Concept by Nike is merely just that, a concept. Specifically brainstormed for the likes of professional athletes, Nike teamed up with the design firm Teague to offer up this mock up of the luxurious jet. The loungy jet is equipped with training and resting spots so that athletes can get their proper rest mentally and physically. (more…)

Geco Hub Utilizes Design to Organize Clutter


Getting on track to becoming more of a minimalist than a hoarder comes in the form of the Geco Hub. According to the storage device’s Kickstarter it was built to do three things: save you time, make your day-to-day routine bearable, and most importantly reflect your tastes. It’s a simple piece of furniture that easily mounts to your wall without the need to use any tools and it stores all of your daily essentials in one (more…)

nCycle Project Will Change the e-Bike Game Forever


Nowadays, smartbikes have become the normal talk around the world wide web, however, the nCycle Project claims to be the next step forward in the future of e-bikes. The creators of the nCycle have ventured together to decide that their bike would rid of the traditional bicycle design and replace it with a single, continuously flowing frame. Aside from that, it’s minimalistic design shouldn’t fool you because the e-bike contains several features that actually make it (more…)

Incase Introduces Action Camera Collection


Action cameras, such as GoPro’s, have taken on a huge roll in the video production business since their inception. That mean’s it was only a matter of time before Incase introduced a line of cases specifically made for these types of cameras. The Incase Action Camera Collection will feature a host of protective and organizational products for a photographer’s GoPro setup and will also feature the inclusion of TENSAERLITE protection technology.  Look for the collection to (more…)

Create a Better Working Environment Using The Ridge Stand


Finding an easier way to prop your laptop and tablet comes in the form of the The Ridge Stand.

Designed by Taylor Robinson of Seattle-based Newbee Design, the stand was made specifically to clear clutter and create a better working environment for you actual workspace (i.e. desk). Not only is this device stand designed beautifully but it’s portability is definitely a standout feature. It weighs less than one pound, comes with a carrying case and folds perfectly (more…)

SECOND LAB New York City Wall Clock Collection


Japanese label SECOND LAB has recently released a range of New York City-themed wall clocks ready to hang inside of your urban loft. All three clocks are crafted out of wood and consist of a square-shaped design with either laser-etched or printed custom graphics inspired by the City that Never Sleeps. Possibly some of the cleanest designed wall clocks we’ve seen as of late and you can pick one up via the HYPEBEAST store while supplies (more…)

Shepard Fairey x Prints On Wood Coffee Table Art Piece


Shepard Fairey and Prints on Wood have come together to release a limited edition piece of wooden artwork designed by Shepard Fairey that can actually double as a coffee table. Printed on a 38″ x 38″ wooden board, the wooden print will be made upon ordering and the whole process will be done by hand. The Lotus Woman print is recognizable print from Fairey and it sits inside a waxed and rust treated steel frame to (more…)

HEX Offers Textile-Wrapped iPhone Cases


In an effort to standout from the rest of the iPhone case crowd, HEX offers iPhone cases tightly wrapped in various patterns of textile. The cases don’t charge or add more gigabytes to your phone, they simply just add a stylish touch and slight protection to your iPhone 5 or 5s. Two of the cases also feature card slots on the back end, so they actually feature more than we previously gave them credit for. Pick (more…)

Using This Glass Pot Will Give Your Cooking Style


Breaking away from the norm and revitalizing kitchenware is this unusual Glass Pot by Massimo Castagana. Watch as your food transforms through the dense borosilicate glass adding a whole new look to the cooking experience. No need to worry about it breaking either, the glass pot is tempered, meaning it becomes flame-proof and is able to withstand high temperatures. It’s also dishwasher safe, made in Italy, and although you have to buy the lid separate from (more…)

These Business Cards Have a Built-in USB Drive


A multitude of creative business cards have popped up lately to help business’ gain traction in unusual and eye-catching ways. Most recently swivelCard came across as one of our many daily find’s and it attracted us enough to post it on the site. Being deemed a smart business card, swivel is made out of a thick paper and contains a flush, built-in USB drive to attract clients or customers through photos, videos, a link to your (more…)

OM/ONE is the World’s First Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


It’s not everyday that you wake up in the morning and find out that the OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker exists. You may have to rub your eyes for a second, but we assure you it’s real. Standing in a class of its own, the levitating Bluetooth speaker was designed by a team of world-class industrial designers and audio engineers who’ve looked to shift the paradigm of Bluetooth speakers and speakers period. Starting off with a mind-boggling (more…)

Daily Wood Bike Grips


Wood bike grips aren’t new, but the Daily Wood Bike Grips are, and they’re bringing an elegance to your bike’s handlebars like we’ve never seen before. These aren’t just any ordinary grips, however, the creators set out to solve some issues grips suffer from: material fatigue, feel over time, fastening and space for your hand. So, using a metal press fit system they developed the grips to contain an aluminum core and use a press fitting (more…)

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