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Watch a Live Stream of Coachella Day 1

Why did you even bother buying tickets to this year’s Coachella Festival when you can stream all of the live performances directly from your couch. That’s right people. Today is the first day of Coachella and if you didn’t feel like dropping your years-worth of savings then stream Day 1 live, for free on YouTube. There will be three live streams bringing performances to you throughout the day, but the Outkast reunion performance is something you are not going to want to miss. Check the streams and line-ups after the jump.

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Dust & Grooves Shines Light on Vinyl Collectors


In a world full of digital capabilities there are some who still turn to the analog version of things, because, well, they just like it. Dust & Grooves is a 416-page coffee-table book that explores over 130 vinyl collectors and their collections within their most sacred place – their record rooms (of course). In-depth interviews will hopefully help you come to an understanding of why these people actually still dig around crates on-top of crates to find that perfect record. The book is divided into two main parts: the first features 250 full-page photos framed by captions and select quotes, while the second consists of 12 full-length interviews that delve deeper into collectors’ personal histories and vinyl troves. In the end you (and your guests) may finally come to the realization that this shit is for real.

Available HERE.

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The Roots – “When People Cheer”


We are finally getting new music from The Roots and we couldn’t be anymore excited. From their upcoming 11th studio album …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, The Roots release their latest single titled “When the People Cheer.” It’s some of the newest music we’ve heard from one of our favorite groups since 2011′s Undun was released. Check the track below and look for the album to drop sometime around, or near May 13, 2014. In other words, don’t sleep!

Lollapalooza 2014 Lineup


One of the biggest summer music festivals in our country has recently announced the 2014  lineup and it’s nowhere close to disappointing. The Lollapalooza 2014 lineup will feature headlining acts from the likes of Outkast, Eminem, Kings of Leon and more. Smaller acts will include AFI, Z-Trip, Chance the Rapper and Cage the Elephant, while a gang of other acts are set to hit the stage as well. The festival will be held at Grant Park in Chicago and is unfortunately already sold out. No need to worry, though. We are sure you kind find over-priced tickets somewhere within the world wide web.With a line-up like this, the Chicago-based festival will definitely be one of the biggest to-date.

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De La Soul – ‘Smell the D.A.I.S.Y’ (Mixtape Download)


They’ve been gearing it up for weeks and finally, De La Soul has released the full ‘Smell the D.A.I.S.Y’ mixtape featuring full production from J Dilla. You’ll recognize some of the beats due to the album production by J Dee, but the flows are full of the De La Soul feel that hip-hop heads grew to love in the early 90′s. Not only will you receive a bumpin’ mixtape, but the available for download “Bundle” also features a J Dilla documentary, an audio letter, and wallpapers. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Download HERE.

Wu-Tang Is Releasing An Album Worth Millions


After the DIY marketing efforts we’ve seen around the hip-hop community – Kanye West’s projection screens in major cities, Jay Z’s $5 million deal with Samsung and Nipsey Hussel’s $100 mixtape – Wu-Tang Clan decided it was time to unveil their marketing genius with the announcement of The WuOnce Upon A Time In Shaolin. Dubbed a “secret album” the 31-track double LP will be sealed in an engraved silver and nickle box, handcrafted over three months by British-Moroccan artist Yahya. The concept of the whole thing is slightly crazy, yet it takes a certain type of mind to knit together something that can force the music industry and other artists to rethink their strategies. Once Upon A Time in Shaolin is set to be exhibited in museums and galleries similar to a high-profile artist exhibiting his painting in a high-profile gallery. You’ll have to pay to get in and once you are in you’ll listen to a 128-minute album through headphones provided by the exhibition. After the single-copy album makes it’s rounds, it will then be put up for sale in the millions. It’s a concept yet to be finalized, but if it’s pulled off there’s no question it will become a huge part of music history.

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De La Soul – Dilla Plugged In


After releasing their full catalog last month, De La Soul is back at it again this time releasing a song from their forthcoming mixtape Smell The DA.I.S.Y.. The song titled “Dilla Plugged In” is produced by J Dilla himself, as the rest of the mixtape tracks will all be J Dilla productions. De La has several projects in the works right now; Premium Soul On The Rocks, with DJ Premier and Pete Rock, along with a new album titled You’re Welcome. Should be a big year for these hip-hop veterans, listen to the track below.

The Good Book


Digital downloads have forever changed the way the music industry does business. However, The Good Book from hip-hop producer The Alchemist and UK producer Budgie has set out to make buying a CD exciting again. Under the BAU Music venture (Frank the Butcher) and housed in a faux book wrapped in leatherette featuring gold foil printing, this amazing box set concept is actually two separate discs – one for The Alchemist and one for Budgie. Both albums are mostly instrumental, with all the beats being entirely sampled from Gospel tracks. Collaborations from Action Bronson, Blu, Prodigy, Roc Marciano, and others are also part of the two-disc set which make it a true hip-hop collectors dream. Only 1000 of these pieces were produced, 50 special editions of which include a branded MicroG™ G-Pen, so act on it soon, son!

Available HERE.

J Dilla’s Donuts


It’ll be hard to forget the legendary producer J Dilla (not like we will ever want to), through his music and the ability to craft beats like no one ever has, his legacy is bound to live on for more than a few life times. If you’ve ever wondered what its like to lay in a hospital bed, equipped with little more than a laptop and a stack of records, the book J Dilla’s Donuts by Jordan Ferguson dives deep into the meaning of J Dilla’s final musical project, Donuts. Ferguson draws up philosophy, musicology and critical theory to prove that this man really was a hip-hop genius.

Available HERE.

Pharrell – G I R L (Full Album Stream)

Pharrell-G I R L-LP

This week in music has been crazy! Another album stream hits the world wide web, but this time it’s Pharrell’s new LP titled G I R L. With Pharrell having a hand in almost every major music project that dropped last year, it was about time he came out with a follow-up to 2006′s In My Mind. Just like Rick Ross’ new album Mastermind, you can find G I R L streaming via iTunes with features from the likes of Daft Punk, Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake just to name a few. With features like that, you should be jumping at listening to this album. The album drops March 3, but is available to stream via iTunes right now!

Stream HERE.