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Recovering NASA’s Lost Lunar Photos


If it wasn’t for the hackers from the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, we wouldn’t be looking at these photos of the moon that were brought back from 1,500 analog data tapes stowed away in someones shed since the late 60′s. They include the first high-resolution photographs ever taken from behind the lunar horizon, including the first photo of an earthrise. It’s actually a pretty long, but very interesting story and you can check the full, less lazy version via Wired.

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Take a Look: Inside Seattle’s EMP Museum


Last August I was able to hop on a plane and visit the Northwestern part of the United States (Seattle, WA) with my beautiful girlfriend. I was able to visit several attractions while I was out there, but since my love for music is stronger than most, the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum was my favorite stop of the trip.

Located in the heart of Seattle Center, the EMP Museum was founded by Larry Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) in 2000 and is dedicated to showcasing the works of contemporary pop-culture musicians. Throughout it’s 14-year history, EMP has organized numerous exhibits, 17 of which have gone on to tour across the US and internationally, with Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses being one of their biggest exhibits to date.

Check out our photo diary after the jump.

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Symmetric Light Photography


Almost similar to a project we posted earlier this week, Sinichi Higashi’s Symmetric Light Photography are photos you can truly call a work of art. By using Tokyo’s cityscape and a bit of clever editing, Higashi captures the dense traffic of Tokyo’s highways and the results are symmetric extended exposure photos. Check the full series after the jump.

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Photographs of Mass Consumption Will Make You Wonder


Since most of us will never see this stuff in person, photographer Chris Jordan set out on a journey across the United States to document the way human and mass consumption significantly affects the world we live in. His journey took him to shipping ports and industrial yards where he captured full-scale photos of industrial waste, infrastructure and everyday objects like a huge pile of cellphones. The series of photographs will make you realize how blind and unaware we are to the waste we produce, because of the things that we want or “need.”

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Help Someone Go to New York City to Take Cool Photos


With an eye for photography combined with an eye for architecture, photographer Brad Sloan is seeking to bring us a book of photography that explores architectural lines and their fascinating urban connections. After visiting Manhattan for the first time in April 2012, Brad was immediately drawn to the way NY’s modern architecture blended and interacted with everything around it. While he was there he did have the opportunity to take some great shots of the city and edit them to his liking, but now he’d like to go back and make a full-on book out of it. However, he needs your help doing it via his Inceptualized Reality Kickstarter project. You’ll be backing him for travel, the expenses incurred while exploring the city and book publishing costs. His goal isn’t set to high (just $5,000) for something that we know will end up as a must-buy for your coffee table.

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Then and Now: 10 Years of New York City Storefronts


If you’ve been to New York City then you know it’s a mecca for all-things business. However, over the past decade, locally ran, small business’ have been pushed out by landlords jacking up their rent while bigger corporations move in and have no problem paying the bill.

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Remember Nirvana Through This Photo Tribute


April 8th will mark 20 years since music lost one of its most iconic and industry-altering artists, Kurt Cobain. Coincidentally, Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just days after the anniversary, in only their first year of eligibility. It seems pretty fair since Kurt Cobain is recognized as one of the most successful deceased musicians ever. So, in remembrance of him and in tribute of Nirvana, Rock Paper Photo is releasing a retrospective through a dedicated gallery, including limited edition images of Cobain and the rest of the band. If you aren’t familiar with Rock Paper Photo, you should get familiar. It takes carefully curated photographs and produces hand-signed limited edition and largely unpublished prints of iconic moments of musicians and pop culture legends captured by renowned photographers. Nirvana had a huge impact on Grunge Rock during the 90′s and if their sudden success doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.

Available HERE.

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Through the Phone by Sam Alive


Finding new ways to utilize photography through an iPhone and DSLR comes to us from Sam Alive’s tumblr page and a 2 year project in the making: Through the Phone. His love for blurry backdrops and crisp scenery have made for eye-catching photography unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. We’ll admit that we have some kind of weakness when it comes to any kind of landscape photography, so finding this project kind-of, actually made our day. Check out the series below and a good variety of hi-resolution landscape photos on his tumblr page.

More HERE.

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The Brutal DIY Weapons of the Ukranian Revolution


Fighting for your life results in finding objects around you that are going to protect it. When peaceful protests first broke out in Ukraine on November 21, photographers were scrambling to capture the scenes unfolding. However, photographer Tom Jamieson noticed something about the people protesting, their DIY weapons were absolutely brutal.

“Every single person without fail had a club or a bat or something like that,” says Jamieson. “You couldn’t help but notice the DIY nature of the whole thing, from the barricades themselves to the totally inadequate body armor that people were wearing, and the weapons as well. It looked like something out of Mad Max, it was crazy.”

As Jamieson and his assistant walked through the occupied zone, they carried around a black background cloth which would be set up when they found a protester carrying an interesting looking weapon. They shot outside in the square, in occupied buildings, near the protesters’ tents, usually in the early morning or twilight hours to keep lighting consistent.

“The reaction a lot of people have is normally, ‘God I would hate to be hit by that thing,’” says Jamieson. “But as nasty as a lot of these weapons look, and as brutal and primitive, it’s nothing in comparison to an automatic machine gun. So they look fearsome but they’re almost medieval — it’s sticks and stones.”

See the full project via Wired.

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NASA’s Real-Life ‘Gravity’ Photos


Marketing efforts have been on point for the Sandra Bullock – George Clooney film Gravity. I don’t think much marketing was needed after grabbing seven awards from The Academy on Sunday, but a few hours before the awards NASA tweeted a beautiful set of real-life photos from outer space. The mind-boggling photos show what life is really like out in the universe, with photos of free flying missions, space walks and night shots of our beloved Earth. Utilizing the hash tag #RealGravity for their tweet, they definitely caught our attention. Check the set below.

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