This is the Most Expensive Photograph Ever Sold


Being a HUGE fan of landscape photography, the immediate moment I stepped into a Peter Lik gallery in Maui, Hi I knew I’d be in there for a solid two hours, if not, longer. Recently, Peter Lik has been all over the internet having sold his Phantom photograph to a private collector for $6.5 million – setting the world record for the most expensive photograph ever. Lik’s prized photograph was shot in Arizona’s Antelope Canyon and (more…)

13thWitness Released Four Badass Prints


If you haven’t heard of 13thWitness, then we advise you to remove yourself from under that rock and grace your life with some creativity. The popular yet mysterious photographer is now selling four of his many pieces of work to the general public and this is definitely the time to get your hands on it. You’ll be able to pick up his Fresh to Death Valley, Electric Relaxation, Centralized, and Detroit Pistols prints with the release, (more…)

Brandon Allen Captures Weapons in a New Light…Literally


Condoning the use of firearms isn’t really our style, but Brandon Allen’s newest project called “Armaments” was too good of a concept to pass up. The newest project from Allen is an observation of the physical appearance of a weapon and the response we have to them. Each armament was photographed in complete darkness, illuminated by the movement of laser slowly sculpting the shape and characteristics of the object beneath it. Unrecognizable in darkness, as they (more…)

Captivating Images of Sharks by Michael Muller


Shark Week is upon us and there’s no question we’ve been anticipating it since last summer’s week of the enormous, terrifying, beastly creature. In a look that most people probably won’t get to see in person or in their lifetime, renowned photographer Michael Muller gives us close up shots of this unique species. He’s also been given the task of taking over Discovery Channel’s Instagram for Shark Week 2014, so be sure to follow them for (more…)

Retracing America Takes You On a Visual Journey Through the USA


Robert Frank was a photographer who photographed the everyday lives of the American people, and his refusal to shy away from subjects like racism, religion, and suburban life was part of what made his work truly revolutionary in its time. Inspired by the man who took to the roads of America some 60 years ago to photograph “America in a living moment,” Retracing America want’s to go on the same exact route that Frank did. Not (more…)

Winners of the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest


National Geographic always seems to carefully curate the best collection of photographs when it comes to their contests. This year’s winners of the National Geographic 2014 Traveler Photo Contest are no exception. Chosen from over 18,000 entries, the photos come from all walks of life that might otherwise go unnoticed if it wasn’t for these beautiful pictures. From a supercell storm forming in the Eastern part of Colorado to a photo taken at the ‘end of (more…)

Photographs Documenting the History of Video Game Controllers


We’ve seen Deconstructed Video Game Controllers, The Evolution of Video Game Controllers and now we give you the The History of Video Game Controllers. Photographer Javier Laspiur is the man behind this project and we think it’s a damn good one. Photographing different controllers from the Telentis of 1983 all the way up to the PD Vita of 2013. A very interesting project that shows us how much this industry has evolved within a minimal amount (more…)

Google Street View Goes Inside Adam Savage’s Mythbuster Cave


Wouldn’t we all like to have the job title of mythbuster? I definitely would, but I’m far from being any type of scientist, so I’ll let Jaime and Adam take care of that. It’s definitely cool to see where these guys work out of, particularly Adam Savage. Thanks to none other than Google Street View, everyone now gets a peek inside of Adam’s quirky workspace called Savage Cave. Filled with movie props, old computer hardware, toys (more…)

Enormous Record Collections Show True Dedication to Music


If you haven’t had the chance to pick up Eilon Paz’s Dust & Grooves book, no worries we haven’t either. Maybe your short on cash or whatever the case may be, through these photos you’ll be able to see what the book is all about. You’ll see the massive record collections of some of the most renowned record collectors ever. It’s something that is Eilon didn’t get up and do this, who knows if we’d ever (more…)

2014 iPhone Photography Award Winners


Sitting here looking at the 2014 iPhone Photography Award winners, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come using digital photography and smartphones. An official competition since 2007, the IPPAWARDS is the first and longest running iPhone photography competition to date. 70+ countries have submitted their images this year amounting to thousands of images that officials had to choose from. Categories like Animals, Architecture, Children, Flowers, Food, Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature, News/Events, and more can all be seen (more…)

Internet Machine Shows the Physical World of the Internet

In the age of the internet we wonder where the hell all of this information is stored ? Internet machine is a multi-screen film by Timo Arnell about the invisible infrastructures of the internet. The film reveals the hidden materiality of our data by exploring some of the machines through which ‘the cloud’ is transmitted and transformed. Going into one of the biggest data-centers in the world in Alcalá, Spain, we get to see the blurred (more…)

Superheroes in Nature Will Make You Believe


These photos can really make you feel that superheroes really do exist. Out there somewhere, in the most discreet places of the world….But it’s all just our imagination and that’s okay. French photographer Benoit Lapray certainly used his imagination and placed superheroes in beautiful landscapes around Europe, calling it “The Quest for the Absolute.” Check the photos below and we’re sorry, superheroes don’t really exist, or do they?

Take a Look: Inside the 9/11 Museum


It almost seems like yesterday my Dad was waking my whole family up a little after 5 a.m Pacific telling us that we need to come look at this. In shock at what we were looking at on the television screen, it became even more evident after seeing the second plane hit that this was no accident. I was a freshman in high school when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, but I was old enough (more…)

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