Brewie Is the World’s First Fully Automated Home-Brewery


We ‘re pretty sure home-breweries have surpassed meth labs this year, but we don’t have any real backing to our claim so just take that as you will. Brewie is a new, fully automated brewing machine that fits perfectly on your kitchen counter or wherever you see fit. Made for beginners and experts, the home-brewing machine offers a convenient, easy and effortless way of brewing your own beer at home and features a fully automated process (more…)

Mars Bluetooth Speaker Levitates Over a Subwoofer


Levitating Bluetooth speakers are actually a thing now (if you didn’t know that already). The newest one to hit the ever-evolving world of wirelessly playing your music is Mars. Yes, Mars. This spaceship-like levitating speaker gently hovers itself over a subwoofer/charging base station while pumping out your favorite jams. With a light-weight, aircraft-grade aluminum construction, it offers a convenient way for you to take this baby everywhere you go no matter the situation you might be (more…)

Apple Officially Introduces Apple Watch

apple-watch-07Apple’s iPhone is a highly anticipated item every time a new one is announced, but today, Apple Watch stole the show from the iPhone 6. It’s beautiful in design just as expected and it’s packed with all of the latest and greatest Apple technology. First off is the digital crown on the side of the watch isn’t like the one on the watch you are wearing right now. The versatile tool is the answer to the (more…)

Apple Introduces iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Everyone knew it was going to happen they just didn’t know exactly when and where. The anticipation is always high on days like this, especially when it’s Apple releasing a new iPhone. The all new iPhone 6 is here, but of course, there is a catch. There are actually two iPhone 6’s – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively. You can probably guess the difference, if you guessed screen size, then you are exactly correct. (more…)

Zipbuds Found the Solution to Tangle-Free Earbuds


The life-long battle to keep your earbuds untangled has finally arrived in the form of Zipbuds SLIDE Earbuds. They haven’t arrived just yet, but you can guarantee they will, if you back their Kickstarter project. In their mission to provide tangle-free ear buds, they came up with their patented slide technology that seals together the special “Ridge and Valley” designed cord. This keeps the cable from tangling and lowers your frustration levels to obsolete. Aside from (more…)

Alienware Continues to Innovate with Area-51 Gaming PC


Offering a look into the future of computing, specifically gaming computers, Alienware Area-51 Gaming Computer is definitely in a class of it’s own. Alienware is no stranger to innovating the game, in fact, they’ve been doing it since the day the company was born and they continue to do so with this unearthly like computer. It’s insane specs consist of a 6-core and 8-core IntelCore i7 Extreme processor options that come factory overclocked and made possible (more…)

Smartphone Chargers Wrapped in Denim and Leather


If you’re sharing a wall outlet at a party to charge your phone, chances are the other person has the same exact charger, or they just decided they needed an extra one. Distinction is key, not only because it will probably end up getting swapped out, but if it ever get’s completely jacked the description you’ll give will be way better than, “It’s a white Apple charger.” Not very distinctive. PlusUs just upped the charger game (more…)

B&O PLAY S8 is the Sound Solution for Your Home


There’s no doubt that the B&O PLAY S8 would be the perfect audio system for you home. With the new speaker system containing two 2.5-inch satellite speakers and a bulky 8-inch ported sub woofer that sits perfectly on the floor, won’t be limited and your sound will be perfectly in tact. Each unit is crafted and housed from a single piece of aluminum which ensures quality acoustics and a sleek appearance. The satellite speakers can be (more…)

Sounds of Street View is Google Street View with Sound


Interesting enough to make the blog, Amplifon’s Sounds of Street View is exactly what it says to be – the sounds of Google’s Street View! Though this does require come coding to integrate into Streetview, it basically uses a Web Audio API to recreate the way our ears process sound. Viewers are able to tell how close sounds are and where they’re coming from by calculating the distance between the user and a specific sound. The (more…)

Metal Light Switches and Dimmers by Buster & Punch


A good man let’s his wife design his home, while a great man is willing to design his humble abode all the way down to the light switch. And, why wouldn’t you want to do that when there are Buster & Punch Light Switches. These unusual light switches and dimmers are made from solid marine grade steel and are available in a variety of colors such as brass, black steel, bronze, white and more. The switches (more…)

SHARP Introduces the AQUOS Crystal Smartphone


Entering the extremely competitive world of smartphones, SHARP has just introduced their first venture into the smartphone game dubbing it the AQUOS Crystal. It’s actually not a bad-looking phone and the specs are right up there with the design. They’ve basically shrunk down the display innovation in their TV’s and placed it in this beautiful frameless edge-to-edge LED screen. Along with that, a Harmon Kardon audio system gives this thing headphone-quality sound while the integrated 8MP (more…)

Wirelessly Connect MIDI Devices Using PUC


Since music is now in its electronic phase, that results in plugs, wires and whole lot of mumbo jumbo our lives would be a lot better without. PUC from Zivix is here to eliminate all of that clutter, as it enables you to connect your MIDI devices wirelessly to your iPad, iPhone or Mac device. This way you can utilize all of those expensive music making apps and sounds you’ve downloaded to your device over the (more…)

LightFreq Combines a Lightbulb and Speaker into One


Killing two birds with one stone is always the obvious path to take (we don’t encourage killing birds) and that’s exactly what LightFreq offers. They’ve combined a smart lightbulb with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected speaker to bring you one of the coolest packages we’ve seen lately. Of course, everything isn’t there for it’s looks. The speaker connects and streams music from your Bluetooth enabled devices and can even act as an intercom using the coinciding (more…)

FRICKbits Turns Self Data into Art


In an interesting effort to turn your data into art, FRICKbits is an app started by artist Laura Frick to do exactly that. The story is interesting, however, due to the fact that when Laura set out to have her app developed, she met thirteen23 along the way and made a trade. That trade resulted in the mobile technology shop in Austin Texas to get a full lobby installation of Frick’s art based on their chat (more…)

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