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Tubecore Duo is Exceptionally Beautiful


While we’ve roamed around the net searching for the best Bluetooth speakers, I think we just found that the Tubecore DUO trumps them all and jumps to the top of our list. Attracting a vintage style with modern design, it can be said that the DUO is the only tube-powered Bluetooth speaker in the industry. It packs a big punch with vacuum tube pre-amps, a 100 watt solid state main amp and mono block 30 watt sub amp, twin 4″ composite cone 50w reference drivers, and a 3″ composite 30w long-throw subwoofer. All of this is packed in a hand built hardwood cabinet with an aircraft aluminum back panel customized for heat sink. Bluetooth and WiFi streaming capabilities make it that much more intriguing, and the embedded computer support of Raspberry Pi enables an entire world of multimedia. Pretty much, we guarantee you’ll be happy with what you get.

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Portable Printing In a Way You Never Expected


Until now, we never really realized that portable printing was pretty much obsolete. Finally, someone stepped up to the challenge and the results are far from disappointing. The Pocket Printer from Zuta Labs is about to make history by being the first pocket-sized printer to ever hit the market. The Jerusalem start up made it a point to get rid of the standard printer look completely and they went with an almost Roomba-like approach by having the portable device run over the paper and laying ink instead of actually feeding the paper through a machine. This results in printing on any page size and a more impressive way of watching your work become a reality. It uses Bluetooth to function, so printing from another compatible device shouldn’t be a problem.

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Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Camera


Having the perfect camera on set will perhaps make or break your movie, commercial, music video or whatever it is you’re shooting. Blackmagic just introduced their URSA 4K Digital Film Camera and I think we just found that perfect camera you’ve been looking for. Designed to maximize the workflow onset, it features a massive 10 inch fold out monitor, an upgradable Super 35 global shutter 4K image sensor, internal dual RAW and Apple ProRes recorders. It also has built-in stereo microphones, a liquid cooling system allowing higher frame rates and also supports Ultra HD and 1080 HD resolution capture up to 60 fps. Not only are the features off the charts but it also looks pretty badass.

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The Micro 3D Printer Fits Perfectly On Your Desk


Prices have dropped, capabilities have risen and bringing a 3D printer into your home is coming a lot faster than we had expected. The Micro 3D Printer is the perfect example of it and by their Kickstarter goal being shattered in less than 48 hours, it seems the consumer-base is pretty pumped on it too. It’s micro design is something in itself, but several other innovative features make this 3D printer a top contender for #1 in the growing consumer-friendly market. It uses both ABS and PLA filaments (your choice), utilizes user-friendly software to design your 3D objects and is the most quiet 3D printer ever made, which means you can put something to print before bed time and sleep like a baby.

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Someone Built a Portable N64 Handheld System


If you had to do a double-take on the title, don’t worry it’s understandable. We were just as shocked as you when we found out that someone had really built a portable N64 handheld system. According to to the builder himself, the handheld utilizes a 3.5″ screen, a Rumble Pak, an Expansion Pak, a GameCube analog stick and provides up to four hours of battery life. The creator mentioned something about selling them in the future. What do you think? Would you buy one? We’ll just have to wait and see if the build becomes a consumer reality. It’s absolutely amazing what can be born through a forum.

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Our Top 7 Favorite iWatch Concepts


Reports are circulating that the Apple iWatch could be revealed by the beginning of Summer 2014 or by the end of Q3. If you step outside, you’ll notice that we are getting pretty close to summer and we should be anticipating it very, very soon. Its going to be very interesting to see what Apple has had up their sleeve since they’re so late to the smartwatch party, but while we sit here and wait we can put our big imaginations to work with our Top 7 Favorite iWatch Concepts. From looking like an iPhone turned into a bracelet to bent glass that would blow anyone’s mind, hopefully we find out soon what this Apple iWatch has in-store for us soon! Check out our favorite concepts after the jump.

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Adobe Lightroom iPad App


Adobe Lightroom has hit the iTunes app store in an iPad app version and we couldn’t be more excited. An important tool in a photographers editing process, Lightroom mobile serves up most of the same features you’ll find on the computer version. Features like the usual exposure, color temperature, highlights, shadows and saturation are all part of the new mobile version of the software. However, true mobile capability reveals itself with by using an Adobe Creative Cloud account to sync collections back and forth from your desktop to you iPad. It also allows users to edit pictures on the go and automatically updating to the latest version of each photo – for example if you begin editing a photo on your iPad, you can continue exactly where you left off on your desktop. Subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service for $10 per month to get Lightroom for free along with Photoshop CC and the desktop version of Lightroom.

Available HERE.

FireChat Let’s You Chat Offline


Communication is key and we’ve learned that with the rapid growth of computers, internet and cell phones. But, what happens if the service that powers the process of communicating is no longer available to you? It’s a simple solution (or at least we think), FireChat. It get’s straight to the point – no fancy graphics or eye-capturing images – just a simple mean of communication where WiFi hotspots or cellular networks are never needed. It works by allowing smartphones to connect to each other directly which in-turn eliminates the need for hotspots and networks. All of you have to do is choose a username — no password required — and you can talk to anyone who is nearby. There is still some work to be done with the app, but downloading it to your phone and working through the kinks is what life is all about.

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Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate


While we sit here and drool all over our keyboard for the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate, it doesn’t really bother us that we are probably going to ruin our current keyboard just to buy the Das. You’re probably thinking, “where are the letters?” Good question. This keyboard is made specifically for the cool people who don’t need them and the ultimate gamer. Each Das is made from the highest-quality materials, are designed with high-performance, gold-plated mechanical key switches lasting up to 50 million keystrokes, and the anodized aluminum top panel adds a standout-quality touch. Functions include a dedicated media control with an over-sized volume knob, an instant sleep button to save energy and the footbar to raise the keyboard also doubles as a ruler (interesting).

Available HERE.

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Amazon Fire TV


Speculation had increased these past few months and it was only a matter of time before Amazon Fire TV was unveiled. You’ll already be familiar with most of the options available like Amazon Prime’s video streaming, Netflix, Hulu Plus but Watch ESPN and Showtime apps are the culprits to making you cancel your regular cable (not a bad thing). The Amazon box of goodness boasts a quad-core processor, 2GB of built-in memory, 1080p HD video and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. Standout features include a voice-activated remote that recognizes your commands, streamlining the watching experience, as well as connectivity with tablets coming in the future. For a onetime fee of $99, it beats the hell out of overpaying cable companies.

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