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Wall Dogs Showcases a Craft We Rarely Get to Witness

Ever wonder where those huge hand-painted murals are coming from in New York City? Wall Dogs showcases these brave men and women, as they take us on a ride up the the side of a building while they grace it with their artistic talents and take on a task that is limited to only a handful of people who can actually do it. Check the video above.

‘The Hip-Hop Fellow’ Assures Hip-Hop Knowledge

You’ve probably never heard of Patrick Douthit, and that’s okay. However, if you are a true hip-hop head then you’ve heard the name 9th Wonder. The Grammy Award winning producer, record executive, DJ turned lecturer and professor is the subject of the must-see documentary The Hip-Hop Fellow. From the same producer that brought you The Wonder Year, Kenneth Price follows 9th Wonder with cameras (again) through his tenure at Harvard University as he teaches ‘The Standards of Hip-Hop’ course, conducts research for his thesis and explores hip-hop’s history, culture and role in academia. The film is making it’s rounds through the movie festival circuit, so make sure your aware of the screening when it come’s to a city near you (hopefully). Appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Young Guru and Ab-Soul will make you want to watch it even more. Catch the trailer above and outtakes of the film using the link below.

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‘The Man Behind The Mountain’

Coming from a small, agricultural county (Imperial County) it’s always nice to see someone receiving recognition for whatever their dedication may be or might have been. I grew up hearing stories about Salvation Mountain and I’ve been lucky enough to go and check it out. Filmmakers Ben Stoddard and Dave Ehrenreich were (obviously) also intrigued, so they explored the mountain to learn more about the unassuming man behind it, Leonard Knight. The mountain is made entirely from adobe, straw and paint, with numerous murals and bible versus gracing its outer walls. Take a look at the short film ‘The Man Behind the Mountain” above to get more of an insight on this beautiful story.

‘Time is Illmatic’ to Debut at Tribeca Film Festival

It’s pretty unbelievable that Nas’ Illmatic album has already been around for 20 years. Not only is it a classic album, but it’s also hip-hop’s album. It’s and album that encapsulates the sociopolitical outlook, enduring spirit, and collective angst of a generation of young black men searching for their voice in America. Twenty years later Time is Illmatic will delve deep into the making of Nas’ 1994 debut album and the social conditions that influenced its creation. The full-length documentary will premier at the opening night of Tribeca Film Festival on April 16, but in the mean time check out the trailer above and fill your body with anticipation.

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Watch a Live Stream of Coachella Day 1

Why did you even bother buying tickets to this year’s Coachella Festival when you can stream all of the live performances directly from your couch. That’s right people. Today is the first day of Coachella and if you didn’t feel like dropping your years-worth of savings then stream Day 1 live, for free on YouTube. There will be three live streams bringing performances to you throughout the day, but the Outkast reunion performance is something you are not going to want to miss. Check the streams and line-ups after the jump.

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Sydney Gets Tilt-Shifted in this Awesome Video

When used correctly, tilt-shift photography can trump big cities, or any big thing for that matter and make them look as if they are merely small models of themselves. This tilt-shift film showcasing the stunning landscapes (we didn’t no existed) of Sydney does it perfectly. Using a Canon 5DIII and 7D, motion time-lapse photographer Filippo Rivetti chilled on the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel where he was able to capture the breath-taking views of Port Jackson harbor. During post-production he messed with the depth of field and ended up with the beauty above.

Chef Official Movie Trailer

It was only a matter of time before they made a movie about being a cook (I meant chef!). Appropriately titled Chef, we get a sneak-peek into the movie with the first official trailer. The story revolves around Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), as he quits his job at a high-end Los Angeles restaurant to start a food truck in Miami – and rediscovers his passion for life and his life’s work. Chef is set to hit theaters May 9, 2014, so don’t forget to check it out or if you prefer pirating it, I guess that’s okay too.

HBO’s Premiere of ‘Silicon Valley’ is Free on YouTube

This past Sunday (last night) HBO’s newest series Silicon Valley made its debut after the Series 4 premier of Game of Thrones. If you didn’t get to watch it due to the fact HBO doesn’t exist in your household, you’re in luck, because the first episode is on YouTube for FREE! If you’re into the startup world like us, then this is a must watch for you. The sitcom was somewhat inspired by co-creator Mike Judge — the man behind King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-head and Office Space — actually worked at a Silicon Valley startup in the 1980s. Check the first episode above and let us know what you think!


Three Guys Jumped From the Freedom Tower in NYC

Would you have the balls to jump from the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower in New York City at 3 a.m.? Probably not. But, three men decided to do it on Sept. 30, 2013 and have just now revealed themselves. During the video above you’ll find a little bit of hesitation with the first jumper, but once he goes the others follow right after. We get to see the full jump via one of the jumpers GoPro cameras along with his landing in the middle of the street and his struggle to store the parachute in his bag. It gets pretty intense so check the video above!


Bob Burnquist’s Floating Skate Ramp

Skaters everywhere are probably wondering where the hell they can get on this ramp ASAP. From none other than pro-skateboarder Bob Burnquist, Visit California approached him about doing “something different” (not like he’s ever had a problem with that) and he did so by having himself and his design team build a floating skate ramp. You can check out the process of the ramp being built along with the first time its set into the water, towed to its destination and finally shredded by Bob Burnquist in the crisp blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Check the video above.