Watch an Incredible Time-Lapse of Burning Man Festival

Burning Man isn’t burning so much due to the rain falling down on the event area right now. But while that’s happening, we want to keep your artistic eye open, so watch this crazy time-lapse video of the 2013 Burning Man and trip out bro! The film was shot by musician and photographer Roy Two Thousand, and he’s calling “Lake of Dreams.” The time-lapse video also features a variety of techniques, including hyper-lapse and slow-motion photography. (more…)

This is How an Emmy Award is Made


Success in TV, let alone acting isn’t an easy task. If one day your Pilot ends up getting picked up by a major network and you end up making it to the big time, chances are you’re probably going to be nominated for an Emmy. It just so happens that the Emmy Awards are upon us and this short video informs us on how and where the actual Emmy Award is made. R.S. Owens handcrafts some of (more…)

The Theory of Everything is a Biopic of Stephen Hawking

By now, if you’ve been exploring the depths of life and the matter that exists around us, then you should know the name Stephen Hawking. A much needed biopic of the world renowned physicist, The Theory of Everything tells the story of  the relationship between Hawking and his wife along with other details you may not have know. Check the trailer above, this looks like it’s going to be a good one.

Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

Most people probably don’t know or just don’t seem to care about how our little world got started. Luckily animated infographic experts Kurzgesagt created this short infographic video called Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth. It basically sums up most of the stuff you probably didn’t know, along with some stuff you might have already known. For my religious people out there this probably isn’t for you, but it never hurts to learn a (more…)

There’s a Twist to the World’s Largest Urban Zipline

Guys, you might think you have a nice set of balls, but actually the guys in this Urban Zipline video have really, really big one’s. Probably not the way you want to start off reading an article, but we had to state the obvious. For Speed Stick’s #GearChallenge campaign, extreme filmmaker and YouTube sensation Devin Graham, aka Devin Supertramp, took to Panama City to test the world’s largest urban zip line. Not your average zipline, a (more…)

Watch as New York City is Captured in Slow Motion

Everybody knows New York City as a fast paced, hustle and bustle city. But what if it all slowed down so that we could take it all in? That’s exactly what the short film titled “STREETS” does, as it takes us on a small tour of life in the city while slowing it down and capturing the beautiful shots people overlook on an everyday basis. The short film was shot by cinematographer and documentary filmmaker Tim (more…)

Check Out Los Angeles Architecture and Street Art from Above

Los Angeles has some of the most renowned street art in the world and throughout the years has made its way onto the big buildings rising up into the skies of Downtown Los Angeles. Director Ian Wood was able to capture some very stunning shots of about 50 different locations in the immediate downtown area and around the arts district. You’ll notice that some buildings are worn down while others have been transformed into pieces of (more…)

Skateboarding Short Film “Urban Isolation” Shows an Empty Los Angeles

For residence of Los Angeles it would be a dream come true if L.A. looked like this. No people, no cars, the City of Angels all to yourself. Not gonna happen anytime soon, but this short film titled “Urban Isolation” seems to pull it off in broad daylight. A competition and short film festival, REDirect brings together 12 of the most renowned skateboarding filmmakers in the world to showcase their skills on RED EPIC cameras. This is (more…)

Check Out this Massive Slip-N-Slide On the Streets of San Francisco

Slip n’ Slide was definitely one of my favorite past times. Throwing it out on the lawn, cranking the hose and sliding all day long was the shit. Obviously now that we’re older we can’t do shit like that anymore, or can we? Apparently we can and YouTube guru Devin Super Tramp did it, but on a much more massive scale. He and his friends took to the streets of San Francisco, laid out an insanely (more…)

Watch the Jordan Brand Pay Tribute to Derek Jeter in “RE2PECT”

This year is Derek Jeter’s last season with the New York Yankees and his last season playing professional baseball. If you haven’t heard of him you’re either too young or have been living under a rock for the past 15 years. Today a commercial was released by the Jordan Brand paying tribute or #RE2PECT to the Bronx Bomber captain. With the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Jay Z, Spike Lee, Rudolph Guiliani and Michael Jordan himself, you (more…)

Watch the Trailer for ‘Jimi: All Is by My Side’ Starring Andre 3000

Anticipation has been building around the Jimi Hendrix bioptic starring Andre Benjamin a.k.a Andre 3000. Titled Jimi: All Is by My Side, I don’t think they could have found a better person to play the part of  Jimi Hendrix. Check out the trailer above to see the hip-hop artist turned actor give us a sneak peek into the film that could end up shaping his whole acting career. Look for it to hit theaters on September (more…)

Zane Lowe Interviews Rick Rubin

A rare in-depth interview comes in the form of Zane Lowe interviewing legendary music producer Rick Rubin. Noted as one of the most important producer’s in the last 20 years, Rubin has worked with everyone from Jay Z to Slipknot and most notably the Beastie Boys along with being one of the founders of Def Jam records. Not too bad of a resume. Check the hour-long interview above, it’s definitely a good one.

“A Story of Disruption” Looks Back at Four Decades of Oakley

Who knew that Oakley started off with a motorcycle hand grip? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Approaching their 40th anniversary, Oakley presents “A Story of Disruption.” The video looks back at four decades of a brand, the design and the “disruptive visionaries” that have shaped it to become what it is today. It features narration by Kevin Spacey (to entice you a bit more) and a few facts that you’ll be interested to learn.


‘Video Games: The Movie’ Chronicles the Rise of Gaming Culture

Epic to say the least, Video Games: The Movie takes a look at the history of video games from the pixelization of the 1960’s to the super-realistic graphics of today. The new documentary produced by Zach Braff will be the perfect way to learn about the birth and rise of gaming culture while also looking at today’s modern technology and what’s to come in the future. With feature interviews from celebrities and heads of the industry, (more…)

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