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    matt - 08/29/2011

    here is a dumb question.. you may get this a lot.. where can i get the stuff that i see on here? for example the FUCT thermal.. do you sell this stuff directly or.. am i barking up a wrong tree here? would love to hear from you . cheers!


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      Direkt Concept - 08/30/2011

      Whats up Matt, not a dumb question at all, its actually a very good one. To keep it simple we are a blog – blogging the things that we love, but right now we are also in the process of dividing Direkt Concept into several parts. A buyers guide, a preview guide and lastly it’s very own online store front. Right now we are a mixture of several different things which creates our motto “Lifestyle Awareness”. A “preview guide” consists of upcoming product that may not be available for purchase yet. Like the Fuct thermal for example – It was posted in July as a preview of the Fuct Fall/Winter 2011 line which means that it will probably be available very soon because all brands are about to start stocking the retail stores with their new 2011 Fall/Winter Lines. Hope we answered your question, if not let us know! Please keep checking back as our online store will be up in the near future and you will be able to find most of the stuff we feature on the store.

      Thank you

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    matt - 08/30/2011

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. How interesting that I stumbled across such a great thing! What you described has always been an ambition of mine- sell things that I like. Not what “everyone else” likes, but what I like. Clothing, music, accessories, etc., but never knew how to put it together. I feel that society needs something such as Direkt Concept and its eye for whats cool and addressing lifestyle needs. I would love to stay in the loop. Cheers!

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    aj - 11/12/2012

    is your online store up yet? i am interested in the day into night series by steven wilkes

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    Jon - 10/11/2013

    Hello – your form goes to an error page so hopefully this works better! I was wondering if I could send you a copy of my book for review on your website? It’s focused on teaching people how to design for CNC machines (laser, router, 3d printer and plasma).

    you can “look inside” and review the book using the above link going to Amazon. I’d just need your shipping address and phone number.

    * CEO & Chief Designer at (CNC file marketplace)

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    joe - 10/27/2013

    Your form is broken. I have an interesting project I would love to share- do you have a direct email? please contact me at your convenience and I will share via email in lieu of this web form.



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    Mike - 10/30/2013

    Hi there! I’m Mike – a founder of OriJeans.

    We have a great story to share with your readers.

    OriJeans is a made-to-order selvedge denim jeans startup.
    OriJeans’ unique web-constructor let’s customers design their jeans from the comfort of their home – they choose their fit, their fabric and their finish. It’d be possible to even add scuffs, spikes, rips, etc. So each pair of jeans is one of a kind.

    You could learn more about us at:

    Please let me know if you are interested.


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    Mad Linkage - 02/28/2014

    […] Contact […]

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    Dave - 07/01/2015


    My name is David Blauvelt, and I am a furniture design student and founder/inventor of Hexacomb Shelving. Hexacomb is a unique modular shelving system made up of individual hexagon-shaped units that connect to one another to form the perfect honeycomb storage structure anywhere. The modular design means that Hexacomb can create potential storage space in even the smallest living quarters (apartments and dorms). Hexacomb is created using 100% all natural materials (wood, neodymium, and all natural adhesives). Our goal of sustainability is even more evident as we have created a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to give back to the inspiration for my project, the honeybee.

    The multifunctional design of Hexacomb can be mounted to a wall, freestanding cubbies, serve as seating, double as a step stool, and even become a sculptural installation.

    To learn more about my product visit my website at

    Thank You for your consideration,

    David Blauvelt

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