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The Design Deck Teaches Graphic Design


Learning how to design something is what started the whole DirektConcept.com thing. We are proud to say we’ve come a very long way, but there is still plenty that we can learn and accomplish. If you too are trying to improve your designs skill set or are just getting started, the Design Deck of cards is perfect for learning graphic design and playing your favorite card game at the same time. Printed on Bicycle stock cards, you’ll learn everything from good design strategies to design terminology, quotes from famous designers, history of design movements and much more. Why not learn all of this while playing poker at the same time? It just seems to good to be true, doesn’t it?

Available HERE.

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Day Dream: Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon House


We all have our preference for a dream home. Maybe you’d like that beach house sitting atop the water, or that contemporary, party home in the Hollywood Hills. Even that bachelor loft in downtown catches your eye. Day Dream is a new segment capturing the homes we’ve always dreamed about and the homes we one day wish to own.

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Behind Apple’s Campus 2 Headquarters


Steve Jobs won’t be here to see how Apple is evolving into a spaceship, but we are sure he’ll be looking down on the build that everyone is anticipating in Cupertino. As you can see the new Apple campus will pretty much be ground-breaking architecture that will set new standards in energy usage, material usage and many other efficiencies. Go behind the scenes with Apple and its architect Norman Foster with the video below and see how the planning of Campus 2.

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The Lytro Illum is a New Era of Photography


Blowing your DSLR game out of the water is the new Lytro Illum. Just like their first release a couple of years back, this first ever high-end consumer camera captures the whole light field, giving you the ability to accomplish several tasks you aren’t able to do with your Canon or Nikon. View your pictures from different perspectives, focal points, and dimensions. You’ll also have the ability to edit your pictures on the integrated touchscreen, while tapping the display lets you focus on a particular object. You can pre-order the camera now and receive a special introductory price along with an engraving and strap.

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Take a Look: Inside Seattle’s EMP Museum


Last August I was able to hop on a plane and visit the Northwestern part of the United States (Seattle, WA) with my beautiful girlfriend. I was able to visit several attractions while I was out there, but since my love for music is stronger than most, the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum was my favorite stop of the trip.

Located in the heart of Seattle Center, the EMP Museum was founded by Larry Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) in 2000 and is dedicated to showcasing the works of contemporary pop-culture musicians. Throughout it’s 14-year history, EMP has organized numerous exhibits, 17 of which have gone on to tour across the US and internationally, with Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses being one of their biggest exhibits to date.

Check out our photo diary after the jump.

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Wall Dogs Showcases a Craft We Rarely Get to Witness

Ever wonder where those huge hand-painted murals are coming from in New York City? Wall Dogs showcases these brave men and women, as they take us on a ride up the the side of a building while they grace it with their artistic talents and take on a task that is limited to only a handful of people who can actually do it. Check the video above.

Lose Keys Less with the Magnetic Key Target


Keeping your keys in one spot is one of the most challenging things to do when you come home from a hard day’s work. The next day you wake up running ramped because you can’t find your keys and you’re already late to work. Thankfully the Magnetic Key Target from Bower can be placed on your wall, or wherever you see fit and you can simply toss your keys straight at it to watch them stick. It’s made from Maple or Oak and is big enough to throw other items at it besides just your keys. However, try not to throw the objects too hard after that long day, you don’t want to miss and put a hole through your wall because your long day will turn to a bad day.

Available HERE.

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Hitman GO is Exactly What You’re Thinking

Hitman-Go-00It would actually be kinda scary if you wanted to be a hitman, but if you’d like to get your fix without really going out there and killing someone, Hitman GO for your iPad is the right solution. You’ll be known as Agent 47 trying to conquer challenging puzzles that let you show-off your assassination skills, trek through secret passageways and off-limit areas, all while you use the tools of the trade. The visuals make the game easy to navigate, while different ways of completing each level make a nice little twist on the game. Start thinking of strategies now because you’ll be needing them later.

Available HERE.

Ole Smokey Charred Moonshine


Adding another addition to the ever growing family, Ole Smokey Charred Moonshine is the little brother to all of the other flavors before it. They say the best whiskey is stored in barrels for years just to see how good it can get, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Ole Smokey’s newest addition to the lineup. It’s hand crafted, smooth and slowly aged flavor comes straight from the mountains of Tennessee, where they also say the world’s best whiskey comes from. But, we’ll let you be the judge on that one.

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The Entrain App Prevents Jet Lag


For frequent travelers by plane, jet lag can start becoming an issue after years of constantly sitting on the damn plane for hours upon hours. Well, a mathematician might have found the solution to the problem (like they should do right?) with his newly developed app called Entrain. It’s our understanding that “jet lag is the result of a disrupted circadian clock.” When the app steps in, it simulates your circadian clock on the phone and makes mathematically optimal lighting recommendations to help you adjust as fast as possible to new timezones and schedules. If you’re thinking it’s all bullshit, think again, because the recommendations (which tell you when to seek light and/or dark) are based on new research in the journal PLoS Computational Biology, so beat that!

Download HERE.

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