Flud’s Sneaker Tech Backpack is Made for Sneakerheads


Sneakerheads are drooling over Flud’s Sneaker Tech Backpack and if they aren’t it’s probably because they haven’t laid eyes on it yet. Offering a clean aesthetic, these backpacks not only look good, but they offer up a practical way for sneakerheads to travel with their favorite pair of kicks. The special compartment allows for a pair of sneakers to fit perfectly inside to protect them while a padded laptop compartment never lets you go without your (more…)

VHS Skateboard Decks by 5Boro NYC


Leave it 5Boro to release these VHS Skateboard Decks as they are always capitalizing on the originality sector of designing a skateboard graphic. One glance at these decks, and it’ll be bringing back childhood memories of home videos and spending Friday night’s watching recorded movies on your VCR with mommy and daddy. Why? Because the artwork is inspired by VHS tapes of the early 90’s, duh! The decks come to us in a collaboration effort between (more…)

These Wood Mugs are Made for Beer


It’s not everyday we drink beer out of a glass and it’s certainly not everyday we drink beer out a wooden cup. However, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks is about to change that for us with their Wooden Beer Mug. Designed to the same standard as their butcher blocks, this wooden cup is aesthetically pleasing and built to impress your fellow drinking buddies. The cup’s ergonomics is also on point as BBB perfected the design of how you (more…)

13thWitness Released Four Badass Prints


If you haven’t heard of 13thWitness, then we advise you to remove yourself from under that rock and grace your life with some creativity. The popular yet mysterious photographer is now selling four of his many pieces of work to the general public and this is definitely the time to get your hands on it. You’ll be able to pick up his Fresh to Death Valley, Electric Relaxation, Centralized, and Detroit Pistols prints with the release, (more…)

Nike Ultimate Jet Concept is Over the Top


There’s no question this would be the sickest plane ride anyone has ever ridden in. Unfortunately, the Ultimate Private Jet Concept by Nike is merely just that, a concept. Specifically brainstormed for the likes of professional athletes, Nike teamed up with the design firm Teague to offer up this mock up of the luxurious jet. The loungy jet is equipped with training and resting spots so that athletes can get their proper rest mentally and physically. (more…)

Stampd Strapped Bomber Jacket


We are getting closer and closer to colder weather even though it seems to be getting hotter and hotter as the days go by. On my side of the country anyways. Fashion brands are introducing their bulky outwear collections while retailers prepare themselves for the holiday season ahead. Los Angeles-based Stampd has introduced their latest take on outwear with the Stampd Strapped Bomber Jacket. Their usual minimalistic aesthetic takes a turn with lots of attention to (more…)

Apple Officially Introduces Apple Watch

apple-watch-07Apple’s iPhone is a highly anticipated item every time a new one is announced, but today, Apple Watch stole the show from the iPhone 6. It’s beautiful in design just as expected and it’s packed with all of the latest and greatest Apple technology. First off is the digital crown on the side of the watch isn’t like the one on the watch you are wearing right now. The versatile tool is the answer to the (more…)

Apple Introduces iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Everyone knew it was going to happen they just didn’t know exactly when and where. The anticipation is always high on days like this, especially when it’s Apple releasing a new iPhone. The all new iPhone 6 is here, but of course, there is a catch. There are actually two iPhone 6’s – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively. You can probably guess the difference, if you guessed screen size, then you are exactly correct. (more…)

Cryptik Releases Bayon Buddha Serigraph Print


It’s always a treat when Cryptik releases a new design. His work is so intricate and detailed that you can look at it over and over again and always find something you hadn’t seen the time before that. His latest offering comes in the form of Bayon Buddha and he’s released it as a serigraph print on 80lb black fine art paper. The print is limited to 75 pieces and is signed, numbered and embossed by (more…)

Zipbuds Found the Solution to Tangle-Free Earbuds


The life-long battle to keep your earbuds untangled has finally arrived in the form of Zipbuds SLIDE Earbuds. They haven’t arrived just yet, but you can guarantee they will, if you back their Kickstarter project. In their mission to provide tangle-free ear buds, they came up with their patented slide technology that seals together the special “Ridge and Valley” designed cord. This keeps the cable from tangling and lowers your frustration levels to obsolete. Aside from (more…)

BuzzBar Infuses Ice Cream Bars with Liquor


Dessert mixed with a little bit of liquor doesn’t seem to go over very well when consuming them separately, but BuzzBar has found a way to tastefully and carefully combine the two. They’ve created an ice cream bar infused with different liquors including: whiskey, cognac, rum, Irish cream liquor and lemon vodka. Each bar also has it’s very own unique name to go with it’s very unique flavor. We warn that you probably shouldn’t use these (more…)

The Periodic Table of Hip-Hop


Not too long ago Pop Chart Lab released the Hip-Hop Flow Chart where they ranked a rappers vocabulary. Now they are quickly back with The Periodic Table of Hip-Hop. Produced in conjunction with A3C, an Atlanta hip-hop festival, this scientific arrangement of MCs features the likes of the originator DJ Kool Herc to one of hip-hops newest acts Flat Bush Zombies, along with the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Aesop Rock and more. Each (more…)

Saint Archer Collaborates with Girl Skateboards to Brew Hoppy Pilsner


San Diego-based craft brewery Saint Archer has released a collaboration beer with Girl Skateboards dubbing it Hoppy Pilsner. This is Saint Archer’s first collaborative beer and it only fits the mold being that the brewery is owned by pro skaters and Girl Skateboards is obviously a skateboarding company. The collaboration brew is modeled after the Pilsners brewed in Northern Germany and contains the same firm bitterness from using European hops and a pale straw color that comes from (more…)

Alienware Continues to Innovate with Area-51 Gaming PC


Offering a look into the future of computing, specifically gaming computers, Alienware Area-51 Gaming Computer is definitely in a class of it’s own. Alienware is no stranger to innovating the game, in fact, they’ve been doing it since the day the company was born and they continue to do so with this unearthly like computer. It’s insane specs consist of a 6-core and 8-core IntelCore i7 Extreme processor options that come factory overclocked and made possible (more…)

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