Geco Hub Utilizes Design to Organize Clutter


Getting on track to becoming more of a minimalist than a hoarder comes in the form of the Geco Hub. According to the storage device’s Kickstarter it was built to do three things: save you time, make your day-to-day routine bearable, and most importantly reflect your tastes. It’s a simple piece of furniture that easily mounts to your wall without the need to use any tools and it stores all of your daily essentials in one (more…)

Brandon Allen Captures Weapons in a New Light…Literally


Condoning the use of firearms isn’t really our style, but Brandon Allen’s newest project called “Armaments” was too good of a concept to pass up. The newest project from Allen is an observation of the physical appearance of a weapon and the response we have to them. Each armament was photographed in complete darkness, illuminated by the movement of laser slowly sculpting the shape and characteristics of the object beneath it. Unrecognizable in darkness, as they (more…)

Stained Glass Portrait Illustrations by Italian Twin Duo Van Orton


The stained glass filter in Photoshop is a cool feature and all, but your results probably differ far from these illustrations by Italian twin duo Van Orton. Carefully taking on the stained glass approach, their variety of collections consist of a Producer/DJ collection, Director’s Cut collection and a Retrogames Collection. Each of them follow their theme with the likes of producers Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk, while directors consist of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick and (more…)

Watch an Incredible Time-Lapse of Burning Man Festival

Burning Man isn’t burning so much due to the rain falling down on the event area right now. But while that’s happening, we want to keep your artistic eye open, so watch this crazy time-lapse video of the 2013 Burning Man and trip out bro! The film was shot by musician and photographer Roy Two Thousand, and he’s calling “Lake of Dreams.” The time-lapse video also features a variety of techniques, including hyper-lapse and slow-motion photography. (more…)

Smartphone Chargers Wrapped in Denim and Leather


If you’re sharing a wall outlet at a party to charge your phone, chances are the other person has the same exact charger, or they just decided they needed an extra one. Distinction is key, not only because it will probably end up getting swapped out, but if it ever get’s completely jacked the description you’ll give will be way better than, “It’s a white Apple charger.” Not very distinctive. PlusUs just upped the charger game (more…)

nCycle Project Will Change the e-Bike Game Forever


Nowadays, smartbikes have become the normal talk around the world wide web, however, the nCycle Project claims to be the next step forward in the future of e-bikes. The creators of the nCycle have ventured together to decide that their bike would rid of the traditional bicycle design and replace it with a single, continuously flowing frame. Aside from that, it’s minimalistic design shouldn’t fool you because the e-bike contains several features that actually make it (more…)

Myles Apparel Contributes Style to Your Daily Run


I’m not sure how many of you run, but even if you don’t Myles Apparel shorts will more than satisfy your needs. The shorts are made from 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex resulting in the shorts repelling water and stretching four different ways. They also contain a smart pocket design that will keep your phone and keys secure whenever you need to take them on your run with you. The shorts come in four different color (more…)

This is How an Emmy Award is Made


Success in TV, let alone acting isn’t an easy task. If one day your Pilot ends up getting picked up by a major network and you end up making it to the big time, chances are you’re probably going to be nominated for an Emmy. It just so happens that the Emmy Awards are upon us and this short video informs us on how and where the actual Emmy Award is made. R.S. Owens handcrafts some of (more…)

Survive the Apocalypse with The Disaster Diaries


Let’s face it, if the Apocalypse does end up happening anytime soon we’d all be screwed. Sam Sheridan on the other hand, wouldn’t be. After experiencing nightmares of not being able to protect his son, Sheridan decided he wanted to learn the many different skill sets of how to handle every doomsday scenario possible; from starting a fire to stealing a car, learning to fight with a knife, and even building an igloo, he learned them (more…)

Mad Linkage


Every Friday we bring you Mad Linkage. A weekly round-up of our favorite stories from around the web. So when you’re bored out of your mind at work you can kill time with these awesome articles.

If you think you have an interesting story, send it our way and maybe, just maybe it’ll make the cut. Enjoy the links below.

worlds-most-expensive-apartmentThe World’s Most Expensive Apartment is $400 Million DollarsComplex

Outside-Lands-Gear-Patrol-SlideA Photo Essay of Outside LandsGear (more…)

Incase Introduces Action Camera Collection


Action cameras, such as GoPro’s, have taken on a huge roll in the video production business since their inception. That mean’s it was only a matter of time before Incase introduced a line of cases specifically made for these types of cameras. The Incase Action Camera Collection will feature a host of protective and organizational products for a photographer’s GoPro setup and will also feature the inclusion of TENSAERLITE protection technology.  Look for the collection to (more…)

Akomplice 2014 Fall Cut & Sew Collection

akomplice-2014-fall-cut-and-sew-collection-01In an effort to keep the rhythm of their brand going, Akomplice introduces their 2014 Fall Cut & Sew Collection. For this collection, the co-owner of Akomplice, Mike, traveled into the heart of Southern India where he connected with the Tamal Indians who practice happy, peaceful, and spiritual lives. Mike was said to meditate the whole time he was there and the result lead to their Summer and Fall collections. Mike’s outdoors background also comes into (more…)

Weekend Recipe: Fresh Jalapeno Poppers


Sure, you can go out and by those frozen Jalapeño Poppers from the store, but while you’re there, might as well pick up the ingredients to make the simple ingredients to make these fresh Jalapeno Poppers. All you need are 24 fresh Jalapeño’s, one package of cream cheese, one cup of shredded cheddar cheese and eight pieces of bacon. That simple. Put it all together and you’ve got yourself these delicious-tasting snacks that everyone will love. (more…)

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