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Frost a Beer Glass within Seconds


Your home bar might be lacking a freezer big enough to hold your many varieties of beer glasses and since summer is right around the corner that’s completely unacceptable. Good thing Hammer Schlemmer is stepping up to the plate and offering an alternative to that lack of a freezer: the Beer Glass Froster. In about 10 seconds you can transform your room-temperature glass into a frosty, cold, delicious-looking glass. It works by using a carbon dioxide canister that releases CO2 onto the glass and turns it into an ice-cold glass instantly, and we say instantly because we know you can’t do anything in  under 10 seconds. Add this touch to your home bar now and we promise you’ll be thanking us when summer hits.

Available HERE.

Sustainable Drinkware by Dryad Coffee


We never really think about the toxins that come with drinking a beverage out of plastic cups, plastic bottles, etc. When we came across Sustainable Drinkware from Dryad Coffee we knew it was time for a change. Their new line of drink-friendly products are carefully crafted using olive wood and white oak. By utilizing these highly dense and low porosity woods, it maximizes the cup’s durability and maintains the flavor integrity of your beverage, while also making it free from the harmful chemical additives found in most plastic and metal cups. Dryad’s main goal for this campaign is to not only produce sustainable drinkware, but to meet the standards for certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – a non-governmental, international organization “established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.” The full line of drinkware consists of mugs, travel mugs, and coffee collars, but who knows what the future holds for Dryad, I know we can’t wait to find out.

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Revitalized Airplane Trolley’s Hold Your Whiskey


Putting the Airplane Trolley Whiskey Bar in your house, garage or wherever you see fit is something your guests will be raving about all night. A company called Skypak are the one’s behind the refurbishing of these authentic aircraft food and beverage carts. There are various carts to choose from and you can even customize your own, but our favorite of the bunch is the Barrique collection. These are the carts that replace the sides and top with old Jack Daniel’s barrels or old wine barrels. Each one comes with four matching barrique wood shelves, a high-quality stainless steel door and enough storage to store the massive amounts of whiskey you are buying at Costco. Since they are made from real-life barrels each one will vary in color and texture, but we never said that was a bad thing. But, we can definitely say they look better in your home than on an airplane.

Available HERE.

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Just Summer Beer Is Perfect for…Summer!


Summer is approaching, which means hotter weather (of course) and more drunkin’ nights with more and more booze. East Coasters, If you’re looking for that perfect beer to get you through the summer, without getting your stomach pumped too many times, The Just Beer Project’s Just Summer beer is what you should be picking up off the shelves. A follow-up to their Anytime IPA, this seasonal beer is a lightly hopped, sessionable wheat ale, lower in alcohol content (4.2% ABV), which makes it perfect for the hotter days ahead. Just Summer is currently available in 12 oz. bottles in select areas throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and Hartford, CT. West Coasters, we are sorry but you’ll have to head east to taste this well-crafted brew.

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Shine Craft Vessels Keep Your Beer Fresher than Fresh


We like beer. We also like filling up cool growlers with good beer. And by cool growlers we mean the one’s made by Shine Craft Vessels. These 64 oz. growlers are the perfect solution for your craft beer habits. Each one is carefully constructed of 23 gauge, 304 food-grade, single-walled stainless steel, feature a high-grade passiveness process that assures no metallic aftertaste and a deep-threaded cap to keep your beer fully carbonated and fresh after it’s filled. You’ll also feel extra-special knowing that these beer vessels are made in batches of 100 and are only re-produced in another round once 75% of the previous batch has been distributed – this ensures your beer growler is developed at the highest of standards. There are various colors to choose from, so choose your favorite and never look back.

Available HERE.

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Bottle Openers Made From Recycled Skateboards


We’ve witnessed our share of recycled skateboard products, but there’s just something about these bottle openers made from recycled skateboards that do it justice. While we’ve seen many creative way’s of recreating the bottle opener, the one’s from Virginia-based skate shop Scene3 are probably our favorite. Their are a slew of bottle openers to choose from and because the person who shredded the board differently than his homie, no two will ever be the same. You’ll find that an industrial-grade screw completes the bottle opening job for you and if you go to their Etsy store it will unleash a whole new world of recycled skateboard product.

Available HERE.

(via Supercompressor)

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Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL


You want an IPA flavor, but with less bitterness, Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL is probably going to be your best bet from here on out. The latest brew from Magic Hat brewery combines and Indian Pale Ale with an American Lager to produce a fine taste that meets in the middle of not-too-bitter and not-too-flavorless. You’ll find that a smooth hop bitterness reveals itself once you take that first sip, with a fresh, bold and slight spice that hits your tongue before the hints of mild maltiness set in. If you’ve been looking for a good tasting beer to drink all night long, you’ve found it in Dream Machine.

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Miracle Machine

Miracle Machine for Wine

If you can turn water into wine that makes you Jesus right? Not necessarily (sorry Jesus). With the Miracle Machine, your days of buying wine at BevMo’s 5-cent wine sale are over. This new gadget (working together with with the coinciding app) will enable you to simply choose the type and style of wine you’d like to make. The app then tells you what ingredients you’ll need to make your wine the way you want it, add the ingredients to the wine-maker, connect via Bluetooth and you’ll be monitoring the process of your wine as it ferments and matures. Within a few days you’ll be drinking your wine with friends who won’t even know the difference. The gadget is slated to be a Kickstarter project and you can sign up via their website to be alerted when it goes live.

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Tincup American Whiskey


Nothing is better than kicking back and sipping a great American whiskey on the rocks. While others prefer cheap versions of the liquor, we look for quality in stuff like Tincup American Whiskey. Founded by Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey founder Jess Graber, this all-American whiskey (named for a Gold Rush era mining town) is cooked at warm temperatures under pressure using corn, rye, cracked malted barley and pure, ice-cold Rocky Mountain water. Their attention to detail during the distilling process provides a taste that your palette has never experienced, utilizing a high rye content and providing a nice spice that rounds up your sip nicely.

Available HERE.

Hoptimus Prime Double IPA

Hoptimus Prime Double IPA-00

We like our beer extra, extra hoppy and that’s exactly what Ruckus Brewing Co. has brought to the table with Hoptimus Prime Double IPA. They’ve blended 5 different hop varieties and 3 distinct malts to make this baby wake your tongue up like it’s never been woken up before. A distinctive two-week dry hopping process is part of the hoppy madness that is brought to your taste buds. Add it to your Transformers collection or simply drink it like it’s supposed to be drank – while watching the Transformer movies and skipping to the Megan Fox parts.

Available HERE.