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Go Bacon Jerky Is the King of All Bacons


These guys definitely hit the nail on the head by making everyone’s favorite food portable. That’s right people, Go Bacon Jerky is the perfect solution to your fiend-status need for bacon. They even designed the bag specifically to meet the needs of portability by allowing the 4″x6″ bag to fit in your pocket. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, these all-natural jerkified bacon strips will be produced with the help of a USDA approved facility in Southern California, which makes this an even better choice than that beef jerky crap.

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PornBurger Will Make You Want A Burger for Lunch


Scrolling down through PornBurger, at first glance your mouth will begin to salivate and your stomach will start making funny noises. Keep scrolling and you’ll find that you’re on your way out the door and to your local grocery store to find the ingredients that website founder Mathew Ramsey has provided. These burgers are absolutely irresistible and the hi-res, crisp images deliver the message in an eye-grabbing manner. A new burger is posted up every week so make sure you add the website to your favorites and never look back.

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Mon Oncle Briefcase Grill


Being able to grill on the go while being discreet is something that the Mon Oncle Briefcase Grill can definitely be good at. Since we live in San Diego, getting ourselves to the beach and setting up for a nice day-picnic is the least of our problems. However, we do like to keep it simple and this portable grill is the perfect solution. While packed up and closed the grill resembles a vintage briefcase, but when opened up you’ve got yourself a tabletop barbecue. The holes on the side of the BBQ are there to allow air to flow through, making the coals hotter and preventing the grill from overheating. Coconut shell ecological charcoal is recommended due to it not producing a flame, generating very little smoke and retains heat well.

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Bacon Grill Rack


Some of you might be aware that grilling bacon straight on the grill results in ceiling-high flames that are literally uncontrollable. Now that the Bacon Grill Rack is hitting the shelves just in time for grilling season, there’s no need to have that cup of water in hand for a predicted fire. This awesome invention is simple yet effective, as it lets you hang up to six pieces of bacon without the worry of the bacon falling through the grill and most importantly, a heavy bacon grease fire. It’s made from stainless steel and the featured grease traps are definitely the highlight of the product. Worry less, eat more bacon.

Available HERE.


Corned Beef Hash with Sriracha


It’s St. Patrick’s Day and it’s only right that we provide an Irish recipe for the beloved Irish holiday. The mouth-watering photos don’t even do this Corned Beef Hash dish justice, as the recipe calls for irresistible main-ingredients like poblano chili peppers, potatoes, corned beef, carrots, cabbage, Sriracha and even egg yolks. The method to the madness is simple, so if you’re at home and are scrambling around wondering what you’re going to cook for din-din, don’t sweat it, just follow the recipe and you’ll have yourself the best St. Patrick’s Day ever.

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Guinness Marshmallows


St. Patty’s day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the Irish holiday than by pairing Guinness stout with Guinness Marshmallows! Wow. Not sure if it can get any better than that. These mouth-watering marshmallows are made from Guinness’ original single stout beer mixed with a little bit of Penzey’s vanilla extract and uniquely rolled in crushed pretzels (damn that sounds good right now). If you aren’t a big fan of Guinness, Wondermade, the makers of these irresistible marshmallows also make bourbon, honey and chai marshmallows. We can’t wait to find out what comes next.

Available HERE.

Refuel Propane Tank Reader


Our biggest problem when grilling on a Sunday afternoon is the lingering question, “Do we have enough propane?” Sure, you can pick it up and test it that way, but we say 90% of the time we are way wrong. Refuel is ridding us of that lingering question by allowing the monitoring of your propane fuel via your smartphone. Simply set your propane tank on top of the propane level sensor and attach the magnetic controller (batteries, fill indicator, and WiFi receiver) to the front of your grill and you’ll never have to worry about serving raw meat again.

Available HERE.

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Bottle Opener Board


While cutting my carne asada I tend to indulge in lots of beer. I prefer Dos Equis to get that culture vibe going, but any Mexican beer will pretty much do. If you’re familiar with the beers of Mexico then you know that most, if not all require a bottle opener before consumption can take place. So, when the Bottle Opener Board came through my inbox, I knew that this baby was a must have for Sunday night barbeque’s. Dubbed theĀ first ever cutting board with a built-in bottle opener, it features a 100% bamboo surface with the first run containing a “Kickstarter green” bottle opener with additional colors to follow. Their Kickstarter project offers a variety of packages and different shaped cutting boards so don’t miss your chance at bottle opener glory.

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Beer and Bacon Mancakes


We are feeling extra enthused to diversify the content that we post on Direkt Concept. When we came across the Beer and Bacon Mancakes recipe not only did we drool over them, but we thought to ourselves, “Who else wouldn’t want to learn this quick and easy recipe?” The simple recipe calls for five main ingredients in bacon, pancake mix, eggs, brown sugar and your choice of beer! We’ll definitely be taking a shot at the recipe this weekend and if you’re feeling it too, let us know how yours turned out in the comment section below. Maybe you’ll come out a new man, you never know.

Full Recipe HERE.

Brew Cutlery


Living your life around not-twist-off beer means you’re drinking good beer. But, it also means that you’ll probably be having a beer at every meal, which means Brew Cutlery is a must. These unique utensils are a fusion of ergonomic cutlery and a traditional bottle opener, made so that your meals can be paired with the best craft beer around and aren’t uninterrupted by that grueling question, “Do you have a bottle opener?” A set includes forks, knives and spoons, all being made with high-quality 18:10 stainless steel and solving your beer problems forever.

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