KIVA Bars are Infused with Cannabis


Ah, yes! We are sure that we’ll be finding more and more products like KIVA as marijuana legalization hits the mainstream. Thanks to Washington and Colorado we’ve been seeing a lot more legit-packaged products infused with cannabis and they are making their way into those special shops. California-born KIVA Confections is infusing their KIVA chocolate bars with good amounts of cannabis and stoners everywhere are rejoicing. This beautifully branded product consists of a variety of flavors like Vanilla Chai, Mint Irish Cream, Tangerine and regular milk and dark chocolate. It looks like the product is only available in Northern California dispensaries right now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the trend starts to spread else where, so keep your eyes open. Although, we know that might be hard to do.


Weekend Recipe: Chilli & Lime Ceviche


It’s gonna be HOT this weekend and there’s no better way to cool off within the confines of your own home by grubbing on a little bit of (or a lot of) Chilli and Lime Ceviche. It can’t really be called a meal, but it’s a damn good snack to have around, especially in this weather. Throw it together in a few minutes, break out some tostada shells, bring out your inner Mexican and you are good to go. Don’t forget to thank The Pink Dumpling for an awesome recipe.


chilli-lime-ceviche-02 chilli-lime-ceviche-03

BuzzBar Infuses Ice Cream Bars with Liquor


Dessert mixed with a little bit of liquor doesn’t seem to go over very well when consuming them separately, but BuzzBar has found a way to tastefully and carefully combine the two. They’ve created an ice cream bar infused with different liquors including: whiskey, cognac, rum, Irish cream liquor and lemon vodka. Each bar also has it’s very own unique name to go with it’s very unique flavor. We warn that you probably shouldn’t use these to get drunk, because you’ll most-likely just get sick, but definitely enjoy one a couple hours before bed and you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Oh yeah, and buzzing like an adult.

buzzbar-liquor-infused-ice-cream-bars-02 buzzbar-liquor-infused-ice-cream-bars-03

Weekend Recipe: Fresh Jalapeno Poppers


Sure, you can go out and by those frozen Jalapeño Poppers from the store, but while you’re there, might as well pick up the ingredients to make the simple ingredients to make these fresh Jalapeno Poppers. All you need are 24 fresh Jalapeño’s, one package of cream cheese, one cup of shredded cheddar cheese and eight pieces of bacon. That simple. Put it all together and you’ve got yourself these delicious-tasting snacks that everyone will love. Our favorite part, however, is the short 50 minutes of time it takes to prepare and cook them. Don’t forget to thank Onion Rings & Things for this delicious recipe.



Source: Onion Rings & Things

Weekend Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Hash


Quick and easy is how we like our food especially when all of the ingredients in the recipe can be diced up fresh. Perfect for a Sunday brunch, this Buffalo Chicken Hash is the ultimate example of a quick, quality recipe. Requiring minimal ingredients (all of which can be cut up fresh, of course), the dish can be cooked up in about 30 minutes max and most of the ingredients are probably already in your refrigerator. And since football is already upon us this will be the perfect dish to get your game day’s off to a great start. Be sure to head over to Food Fanatic and thank Taylor Kiser for this beautiful recipe.



Using This Glass Pot Will Give Your Cooking Style


Breaking away from the norm and revitalizing kitchenware is this unusual Glass Pot by Massimo Castagana. Watch as your food transforms through the dense borosilicate glass adding a whole new look to the cooking experience. No need to worry about it breaking either, the glass pot is tempered, meaning it becomes flame-proof and is able to withstand high temperatures. It’s also dishwasher safe, made in Italy, and although you have to buy the lid separate from the pot, the design alone should make you want to buy this.


This Butter Knife Heats Using Your Body Heat


For some God forsaken reason I always forget to take the butter out of the refrigerator before I start toasting my bread, or whatever it is I want to spread it onto. This results in hard, cold butter that causes a whole cluster-f**k when trying to spread it. SpreadTHAT! is the perfect, most genius way to stop this from happening. It’s the butter knife you’ll be using all-day everyday because of the fact that it has a special heat conducting technology that utilizes your body heat to carve and spread cold butter. It’s also engineered with a non-toxic titanium coating for high-quality spreading, no electricity is required, and most importantly, it’s dishwasher safe. Be sure to try it on any other condiment you see fit.

spreadthat-butter-knife-3 spreadthat-butter-knife-4

Buy Fresh Food 24/7 Using Pantry


Grabbing a quick bite to eat out of a vending machine means just that, a quick bite, which in turn usually means it’s not the fanciest nor tastiest food you can get your hands on. A new startup calling themselves Pantry are reinventing the vending machine game with one fresh food smart refrigerator at a time and they’re putting them in your business’ (just like vending machines). This can be great on all sides of the spectrum; for the person making and selling the actual food to the owner of the business’ it decides to occupy. It can also be great for the customer, because the food will actually be fresh, healthy and not sitting in the machine for days at a time. Making it easy to swipe your card with the attached modified Android tablet is probably the most beneficial part of the whole ordeal, especially since younger generations are carrying less cash around and a lot more plastic. Full details are over at Pantry’s website, you should check em’ out.

pantry-24-7-vending-refrigerator-01 pantry-24-7-vending-refrigerator-02


Weekend Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs


You’ve probably noticed that we aren’t the healthiest of eaters, but when you put bacon and tater tots into the same recipe, who the hell can be? This week’s Weekend Recipe consists of Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs that will be too good to put down for even a second. I mean, anything with bacon is incredible, but when you throw tater tots into the mix it get’s absolutely out of control (in a good way). All you need is your basic store-bought frozen tater tots, with your store-bought bacon (unless you live on a farm), cheese and brown sugar. Once you combine all of these ingredients to make the Bombs, then you should mentally prepare your palette for the best tasting snack you’ll have all weekend, and maybe even year. Get the full recipe here.



Brooklyn Biltong Isn’t Your Average Jerky


Inspired by South America’s Africa’s dried llama and alpaca snack Ch’arki (SA’s version of Jerky), Brooklyn Biltong was born to bring you a high-quality snack that has yet to be matched. Brooklyn Biltong isn’t your average beef jerky, in fact, it doesn’t even belong in the same class as beef jerky because of the differences in how they are made. Instead of drying the meat using heat, the Biltong is dried using only outside air, which results in a softer texture and a much more sophisticated flavor. It’s also dried in bigger pieces (then cut) than regular jerky and its basic ingredients of beef soaked in vingegar, coated in salt, coriander, and black pepper make it the perfect source for natural snacking. And not only is it an outstanding product, but for every bag sold Brooklyn Biltong gives out their beef biltong to Brooklyn’s homeless – resulting in an unselfish feeling everyone should feel when snacking on this beautiful beef.

brooklyn-biltong-02 brooklyn-biltong-01

Restored Cast Iron Cookware by Best Made Co.


In an effort to bring back and restore old items, New York City-based Best Made Co. has released a limited series of Cast Iron Cookware. Carefully choosing each piece they restored, the series features American cast iron gems that have been meticulously brought back to life using food-safe acid, lye baths and a whole lot of hard work. Their “factory-new” finish results in selling them for you to enjoy a tasty home-cooked meal. Unfortunately most of the items are sold out, but lets hope Best Made is out there looking for old cast iron pots as we speak, so we can get our dirty little hands on them.

best-made-co-restored-cast-iron-cookware-01 best-made-co-restored-cast-iron-cookware-02

Reebok Bacon Was Made for CrossFit Games


In an unusual effort to promote Crossfit, Reebok launched Reebok Bacon at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. Actually, this could be some of the healthiest Bacon you’ll come across (if that can even happen). Sourced by U.S. Wellness Meats, the bacon is uncured and contains no nitrates, preservatives, MSG or sweeteners. The campaign was put together by Venables Bell & Partners and it also features a Bacon Box Food Truck that served up options like bacon-wrapped artichoke, bacon-wrapped chorizo-stuffed dates, bacon-wrapped seasoned pork belly, and bacon-wrapped carne asada during the crossfit games. Check full details of what it’s all about at Reebok’s site.





Weekend Recipe: Garlic, Bacon, and Beer Macaroni and Cheese


You thought that you weren’t gonna get a Weekend Recipe today huh? huh?! No worries we don’t wanna leave you hanging, because we all know food is the universal language of the world! This week we are bringing you Garlic, Bacon, and Beer Macaroni and Cheese, four of my absolute favorite things in the world. The title of the dish is pretty much self-explanatory, so head on over to Erica’s Recipes for the full recipe and let us know how it turns out after you cook it. Don’t forget to thank Erica, either.



Weekend Recipe: Doritos Crusted Chicken Fingers


Your not even prepared for this – Doritos Crusted Chicken Fingers. Yes, you read it right, Doritos as the breading of your chicken fingers. Can life get any better than that? These life-long favorites are finally being utilized in ways we never imagined and we just can’t get enough. Since this is a homemade recipe, to us, it blows Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco out of the water. You can thank us later for making your weekend 100x better. Full recipe HERE.


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