Corkcicle Decapitator Is the Best Way to Open a Beer


Regular, boring people shouldn’t be reading this blog. People with imagination, creativity and passion should be all over us, however, we also like when lazy people read our content as well. If you somewhat fall into any of those categories then you’ll love the Decapitator Bottle Opener by Corkcicle. For the people who are tired of regular ol’ bottle openers, Decapitator offers a creatively alternative way of opening those not-so-twist-off craft beers. It also opens twist-off, (more…)

Smartphone Chargers Wrapped in Denim and Leather


If you’re sharing a wall outlet at a party to charge your phone, chances are the other person has the same exact charger, or they just decided they needed an extra one. Distinction is key, not only because it will probably end up getting swapped out, but if it ever get’s completely jacked the description you’ll give will be way better than, “It’s a white Apple charger.” Not very distinctive. PlusUs just upped the charger game (more…)

SHARP Introduces the AQUOS Crystal Smartphone


Entering the extremely competitive world of smartphones, SHARP has just introduced their first venture into the smartphone game dubbing it the AQUOS Crystal. It’s actually not a bad-looking phone and the specs are right up there with the design. They’ve basically shrunk down the display innovation in their TV’s and placed it in this beautiful frameless edge-to-edge LED screen. Along with that, a Harmon Kardon audio system gives this thing headphone-quality sound while the integrated 8MP (more…)

Wirelessly Connect MIDI Devices Using PUC


Since music is now in its electronic phase, that results in plugs, wires and whole lot of mumbo jumbo our lives would be a lot better without. PUC from Zivix is here to eliminate all of that clutter, as it enables you to connect your MIDI devices wirelessly to your iPad, iPhone or Mac device. This way you can utilize all of those expensive music making apps and sounds you’ve downloaded to your device over the (more…)

LightFreq Combines a Lightbulb and Speaker into One


Killing two birds with one stone is always the obvious path to take (we don’t encourage killing birds) and that’s exactly what LightFreq offers. They’ve combined a smart lightbulb with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected speaker to bring you one of the coolest packages we’ve seen lately. Of course, everything isn’t there for it’s looks. The speaker connects and streams music from your Bluetooth enabled devices and can even act as an intercom using the coinciding (more…)

Power Annex External Battery Sticks to Your Phone


Portable battery chargers aren’t exactly the most exciting gadget to come across these days, unless it’s the Power Annex from KERO. Although it can only charge your battery up to 75%, the convenience it features is unmatchable to most portable chargers on the market. With a slim profile and a MicroSuction Technology inspired by gecko’s feet, the Power Annex is slim enough to carry and stick to the back of your phone, which in turn eliminates (more…)

This Water Bottle Sensor Helps You Stay Hydrated


Most of us probably don’t drink the recommended amount of water per day that we should, so it was only a matter of time that something like The Hug graced us with its presence. Since we all know it’s very important to stay hydrated and healthy throughout your day, which most of us don’t do, this nifty little gadget is here to help you do so by wrapping around most water bottles and by tracking your (more…)

NomadPlus is a 2-in-1 Charging Solution


There certainly isn’t a shortage of portable battery chargers for your phone, but the NomadPlus is doing things a little bit different. Instead of having to carry around with you separate pieces, Nomad’s portable battery integrates with Apple’s standard charger to combine the two into one. The unique design allows for you to charge both your iPhone and its internal battery at the same damn time. After Nomad charges your phone it then moves on to (more…)

Unlock Your Phone Using This Temporary Digital Tattoo


Innovative, weird tech will continue being invented most-likely for the rest of our lives and it will keep getting weirder and weirder and weirder. After teaming up with a company called VivaLnk, Motorola has concluded with this temporary Digital Tattoo that has the capabilities of unlocking a smartphone by simply hovering over it. Essentially, it’s an ultra-thin NFC card wrapped up in 3M medical-grade adhesive that sticks gently to your skin and will probably make people (more…)

Sense Monitors Your Sleep In a Beautiful Way


Sleep monitoring has hit an all-time high of popularity ever since technology started taking over our entire lives. Sense by Hello is joining and enjoying the height of popularity that comes with monitoring your sleep, especially since they shattered their Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours. This doesn’t come by surprise though, because we’ve never seen a sleep monitoring system designed quite like this one. A simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, Sense can (more…)

Cabin Replaces Lightning Charger with a MagSafe-Like Connector


Battery cases have slimmed down for the better over the last year or so, but we haven’t seen anything quite like Cabin. Making this battery case extra-unique are the magnetic capabilities everyone is learning to love along with a slim aluminum body that no one will complain about. Without compromising the iPhone’s size or design, Cabin’s main attraction is the ease-of-use magnetic connection between iPhone and the battery case. By designing a special MicroAdaptor for the iPhone’s Lightning (more…)

Travel Light with Mophie’s USB Travel Kit


I have to admit I’m pretty stoked on this Mophie USB Travel Kit. I wish I would’ve had it for my most recent trip, but hey, what can you do? Compact, lightweight and easy to travel with, the kit comes with three 4-inch cables to charge all of your beloved devices; Apple Lightning Cable, Apple 30-in Cable and a Micro USB Cable. It all comes complete in a solid black case and you won’t even know (more…)

Electric Objects Digital Picture Frame


Paying thousands of dollars for a famous painting is cool and all, but after a while I’d get tired of looking at the same thing everyday. Electric Objects is here to change that and bring digital art to the forefront with their Digital Canvas. Honestly I thought of this awhile ago, but props to EO for actually executing it. Seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, the EO1 is a framed high-definition screen with an integrated computer (more…)

Swich Adds Sophistication to Wireless Charging


Wireless charging for smartphones has been hitting the scene with a vengeance lately. Swich Wireless Charger is the latest one looking for funding via Kickstarter, and by the looks of it the campaign doesn’t really need our help. We decided it was still worthy due to its unique features like the microsuction charging platform that can be rotated from vertical to horizontal and the beautiful design that boasts a curvy base inspired by ocean waves. It’s (more…)

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