Instagram of the Week: Iao Valley


Wishing we were still in Hawaii, we revitalize our memory with this Instagram taken at Iao Valley in Maui, Hawaii. What a wonderful sight it is and you definitely have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. This photo just gives you a little taste of the breathtaking landscape that surrounds this National Park. Another National Park down, many more to go.

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You might have seen the banner on the homepage but we never really announced our Submit Your Instagram weekly contest. It is an ongoing contest that we hope will never end so this is your chance to get some free Direkt Concept product. Read the description below and we hope you start submitting!

We have finally come to the conclusion that we can no longer keep using our Instagram’s for our Instagram of the Week segment. So, (more…)

Instagram of the Week – O’heo Gulch Pools

We recently ventured on a trip to Maui, Hawaii where the weather was perfect and the water temperature was just right. We decided to try out the famous drive called “Road to Hana” and the picture above is the end result/final destination of the drive. Known as the O’heo Gulch Pools, these water falls flow straight into the ocean and are sometimes clear, swimable waters. As you can see, while we were there the water was (more…)

Instagram of the Week – Kendrick Lamar at SOMA

Last week we had the opportunity to catch Kendrick Lamar at SOMA live in San Diego. Yes, we know it’s not the greatest picture, but the performance had my head bobbing and hands in the air, so we had to share a little bit of something with you. If you haven’t seen this kid live we suggest you do while he is still performing in smaller venues because after his new album good kid, m.A.A.d city (more…)

Instagram of the Week – Muir Forest

muir forest

An all new Instagram of the Week graces us today from Muir Forest in Northern California. About 30 minutes outside of San Francisco there are humongous Redwood trees like you’ve never seen before. Green and oh so fresh, these trees are also massive and carry a rusty-red tree trunk beneath it. By going to this place you can really learn things that you never would have thought interested you and you will definitely leave with  a (more…)

Instagram of the Week – San Francisco City View

We recently took a trip up to San Francisco to just get away and hang out with some old friends. We tried to conquer all of the tourist spots, but a 3 day trip just wasn’t enough to see the bay area at it’s finest. Although, the activities we did accomplish gave us a well-rounded view of the city and what it has to offer. Our Instagram of the Week shows you a view of the SF city skyline from Alcatraz Island or as you (more…)

Instagram of the Week – Sublime w/ Rome

On stage: Sublime w/ Rome

This past weekend we had the opportunity to catch Pepper, Cypress Hill and Sublime w/ Rome all at one concert. It was a drunken’ night with a lot of smoke being puffed out and into the air. Pepper opened up the concert with a horrible performance (we like them but had to call them out on it), Cypress Hill came out and performed the classics that we’ve always loved and finally the (more…)

Instagram of the Week: La Jolla Shores

Yes, we know. It’s been a while since our last Instagram of the Week post so we decided it was time to get off our lazy ass’ and handle the situation. It’s been hotter than hell around parts of the globe so we thought this shot would be proper. You are looking at La Jolla Shores in La Jolla, California – a beautiful place we like to call home.

On another note, don’t forget to send us your (more…)

Instagram of the Week – Memorial Day Weekend 2012

In celebration of the Memorial Day weekend 2012 that passed us by way to quickly, we had the chance to hit up the Anaheim Angels vs. New York Yankees game on Monday. It was a blast and if you watched the game you know pitchers on both sides of the dugout were getting racked left and right. Above is a picture of the pre-game festivities as many veterans held up the enormous American Flag for the (more…)

Instagram of the Week – Fuego

To keep the 4/20 celebration on point we decided to bring you a special IG of the Week and damn its looking good. Probably the number one essential that is needed on this day. With these beautiful leaves and a purple tint who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this. We call it FUEGO (fire) and WARNING: this is couch-lock capable. We know it might be hard for you today but please remember to follow (more…)

Instagram of the Week – The Cosmopolitan Lobby

A few weeks ago we attended Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had the unique opportunity of staying at the luxurious Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in the brand new City Center. Above is an Instagram of the Cosmopolitan lobby. What you’re seeing are TV’s put together in unison to give you a visual stimulation of various photos and art as they act as beams to the lobby. Everything in the hotel is contemporary and accommodates (more…)

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