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Allen Iverson’s Documentary is Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival


Let’s get it straight, we all know Allen Iverson for his carelessness and energy on and off the court. Even though it served as the spawn that boosted his stardom and to being an eleven-time NBA All-Star, he somehow still fell off. With his new documentary Iverson premiering at Tribeca Film Festival on April 27, we’ll learn everything from when he was growing up as a kid who rose from poverty in Hampton, Virginia, to how he became one of NBA’s greatest success stories.

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A Fully Funcitonal, Gold-Plated Skateboard


You’ll most likely not want to ride this above 99.999% electro gold-plated skateboard after you pay the hefty price tag that comes with it. But, it would definitely be a great addition to the dedicated art room in your mansion. The fully gold-plated skateboard is from New York City’s very own skateboarding company SHUT NYC. Polished to a mirror finish, this rich-man’s skateboard is assembled to be fully functional from the highest quality components, while 100% cotton archival gloves are provided so you won’t get your dirty prints all over it. Probably doesn’t fit an average skater’s budget, but who knows? Maybe Tony Hawk or Rob Dyrdek will pick it up, or something.

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Three Guys Jumped From the Freedom Tower in NYC

Would you have the balls to jump from the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower in New York City at 3 a.m.? Probably not. But, three men decided to do it on Sept. 30, 2013 and have just now revealed themselves. During the video above you’ll find a little bit of hesitation with the first jumper, but once he goes the others follow right after. We get to see the full jump via one of the jumpers GoPro cameras along with his landing in the middle of the street and his struggle to store the parachute in his bag. It gets pretty intense so check the video above!


Santa Cruz Skateboards x Star Wars 2014 Collection

Santa Cruz x Star Wars-SKateboards-00

Looking to geek out in your neighborhood while cruising on a skateboard? The Santa Cruz Skateboards x Star Wars 2014 Collection can help you do that. We are starting to dig these collaborations that Santa Cruz has been putting out for the past couple of years now – the Simpsons collab. was on point. Their latest collection brings you five of your favorite iconic characters from the Star Wars movie franchise. Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, Bobba Fett and Storm Trooper are all available to grace your boards while your neighborhood gets shredded by your massive skill.

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Slyde Handboards


Handboarding (or body surfing) is a sport that hardly gets the same coverage as surfing or body boarding. But, it doesn’t mean the sport can’t be innovated the way Slyde Handboards is doing it. Created by Steve Watts, these innovative boards strap onto your hand and allow you to swim, dive or float through the waves. Each board is carefully crafted using various kinds of wood (oak, pine, maple) with special treatments and finishes creating color and different marking variations with the result being individual uniqueness. You can also add a Go Pro attachment to the board of your choice.

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No Mas NYC Cassius Clay Collection


Hailing from Brooklyn, No Mas NYC was started by sports freak Chris Isenberg and is described to be “art and media dedicated to “The Thrill of Victory and the Ecstasy of Defeat.” ” For the 50th anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s memorable victory over Sonny Lipton, the No Mas NYC Cassius Clay Collection is an ode to the boxing champion. It was the last fight Ali fought under the name Cassius Clay and the fight that basically made him a household name. The collection features a variety of vintage memorabilia including magazines, toys, shirts, and items we never would’ve expected.

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1964 Muhammad Ali Fight Worn Gloves

1964 Muhammad Ali Fight Worn Gloves-00

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “those gloves are pretty rugged.” Yes, they might be rugged but these are 1964 Muhammad Ali Fight Worn Gloves that you can only get exclusively through Heritage Auctions. It would take too long for us to explain the story behind these gloves, but we guarantee these are legendary. If you’re a boxing fanatic and have the money to offer, a piece of memorabilia like this doesn’t come along very often, so jumping on this chance is crucial. The gloves were worn for the bout against Sonny Liston, where in the end the whole world would know who Muhammad Ali was. If only these gloves could talk.

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New Era Heritage 1934 Collection


Baseball has been around longer than you’ve been born and with the New Era Heritage 1934 Collection you find that they weren’t utilizing your modern-day fitted. However, they were utilizing New Era and after almost 100 years of being in the game, they still do. Back in the day New Era was the first company to establish its handmade caps across the American Major League. Supplying the Cleveland Indians in 1934, they are now bringing it back by taking cues from that supply and letting other Major League teams get in on the action as well. Look for the New Era Heritage Series “1934 Collection” to drop at select retailers around the globe February 28.

STRGHT Skateboards


Cruising down the boardwalk and you spot a custom carved skatedeck, chances are its from STRGHT Skateboards. These evolved boards aren’t just another piece of fine maple, in fact we consider them more like art pieces. Each deck is made by hand using a sand blasting method and if you’re the creative type, customizing your very own deck is a possibility. Choose from Classic, Diamond Tail or Pin Tail decks, select between five types of wood, then select your favorite design along with up to two colors and you’ll have the most jaw dropping deck on your block (or boardwalk).

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Under Armour x Roots of Fight Capsule Collection


Two sports apparel brands have come together to bring you the Under Armour x Roots of Fight capsule collection, celebrating the sport of boxing. Not only are they celebrating the sport, but the legends who conquered it. Familiar names like Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Jack Johnson, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini will have you fighting your peers for one of these shirts (not really). The concept is simple -  capture the toughness and rawness of these famous fighters on minimal graphic tees and sweats.

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