The World’s 10 Best Cities to Live in 2014


Well, according to The Economist nowhere on their list of The Best Places to Live are any cities in the United States. Actually, eight of the ten cities that made the list are in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This data-driven ranking pulls from 140 cities and uses 30 factors like safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and environment to determine how liveable the area is. Over the past five years urban life has actually deteriorated somewhat: liveability has declined in 51 places and improved in 31 places. During that time, the index average has dropped 0.7 percentage points (skewed by cities in conflict areas where survival, rather than living well, is the priority). Interestingly, the top cities have not changed much over time. The EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) notes that they “tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density.” Check the list of cities and their photos below.

 10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-011. Melbourne, Australia

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-022. Vienna, Austria

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-033. Vancouver, Canada

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-044. Toronto, Canada

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-055. Calgary, Canada

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-066. Adelaide, Australia

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-077. Sydney, Australia

Helsinki, Finland8. Helsinki, Finland

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-099. Perth, Australia

10-best-cities-to-live-in-2014-1010. Auckland, New Zealand


Photos: HighSnob

Retracing America Takes You On a Visual Journey Through the USA


Robert Frank was a photographer who photographed the everyday lives of the American people, and his refusal to shy away from subjects like racism, religion, and suburban life was part of what made his work truly revolutionary in its time. Inspired by the man who took to the roads of America some 60 years ago to photograph “America in a living moment,” Retracing America want’s to go on the same exact route that Frank did. Not to copy what Frank did in anyway, but to recreate his journey to acknowledge the historic importance of his original journey and use it as an inspiration to share the way that the project creator, Trenton Moore, will see America. Moore is seeking to stop at over 67 destinations along his trek while traveling the same known routes as Robert Frank did. Trenton Moore plans to hit the road this Fall, but only if you help him reach his Kickstarter goal in the next 11 days.

retracing-america-03 retracing-america-map retracing-america-04

Winners of the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest


National Geographic always seems to carefully curate the best collection of photographs when it comes to their contests. This year’s winners of the National Geographic 2014 Traveler Photo Contest are no exception. Chosen from over 18,000 entries, the photos come from all walks of life that might otherwise go unnoticed if it wasn’t for these beautiful pictures. From a supercell storm forming in the Eastern part of Colorado to a photo taken at the ‘end of the world’ swing in Banos, Ecuador with an active volcano in the background, this is the kind of stuff that makes us think deep about the world we live in. Check out the winners of the contest below, with the rest of the entries being found here.


winning-entries-from-the-2014-national-geographic-photo-contest-03 winning-entries-from-the-2014-national-geographic-photo-contest-04 winning-entries-from-the-2014-national-geographic-photo-contest-05 winning-entries-from-the-2014-national-geographic-photo-contest-06 winning-entries-from-the-2014-national-geographic-photo-contest-07

Travel 20-Miles Above Earth in A Hot-Air Balloon


We are still waiting on the first real tourist space flight, however space-tourism seems to be getting pretty popular and a range of ideas are coming into fruition. One of those ideas was just recently announced and it’s from World View Enterprises, a space-tourism company that recently completed it’s first small-scale test flight on a high-altitude balloon and capsule that’s being developed specifically to let tourists float 20 miles above Earth. World View Enterprises is planning to begin its $75,000 per-person flights in 2016 by way of a balloon lifting a capsule carrying six passengers and two crew members 20 miles up, where they’ll float under a parafoil for about two hours before floating back down to earth. If you have $75,000 then by all means, let us know how it goes come 2016.



citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag

citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag-00

Not too far back we told you about citizenM opening up a hotel in the heart of  New York City’s Time Square. They are back again this time teaming up with travel design company – Travelteq – to bring you the the best laptop bag on the market (so they claim). Featuring Florentine Vacchetta leather, it’s made to withstand the elements with a high quality, water resistant red nylon lining. The collaboration bag is handmade in Italy bag by bag and is limited to a quantity of 80 pieces. Pick it up citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag over at Travelteq’s website.

citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag-01

citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag-02 citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag-05 citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag-04 citizenM x Travelteq Trash Laptop Bag-03



Shake Shack Celebrates 10 Years with Burger Collabs


If you aren’t familiar with Shake Shack then you’ve probably been living under a rock (or nowhere close to NYC). Basically, they have some of the best burgers that NYC has to offer, and to make them even more glorious they teamed up with some of the city’s top chefs. Culinary celebrities Daniel Boulud, David Chang, Andrew Zimmerman, Daniel Humm and April Bloomfield have all been sought out to create a personalized burger, each available for just one day from June 9 through 13. If you’ll be in the NYC area on June 12, there will be a huge party in Madison Square Park with music, food and a beer brewed especially for the occasion by Brooklyn Brewery. Too bad we are 3,000 miles away, but we’ll be trying to recreate the special burgers using this link.

shake-shack-10-yr-anniversary-burger-collab-01 shake-shack-10-yr-anniversary-burger-collab-05 shake-shack-10-yr-anniversary-burger-collab-04 shake-shack-10-yr-anniversary-burger-collab-03 shake-shack-10-yr-anniversary-burger-collab-02

101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die


Honestly, there isn’t any other way they could have titled 101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die: The Ultimate Travel Guide to Partying Around the WorldThis is possibly one of the best travel books we’ve ever come across, I mean, who doesn’t want to get fucked up while they’re on vacation? This should be your go-to book for the most irreverent and legit accounts of drinking, nightlife and travel culture around the world. It’ll guide you from the Himalayas to the salt flats through Antarctica and to one of the biggest music festivals on earth. There is much more than that, so make sure you add this to your wishlist. [Available HERE]

PaperBoy Wine Comes in a Cardboard Bottle


When the weekend rolls around, sometimes we just like to kick back, relax, throw on a movie and sip a glass of the red. We already know that glass is recyclable, but an eco-friendlier version comes in the form of PaperBoy Wine. The newest wine from Sonoma County-based winery Truett-Hurst rolls-out in collaboration with Oakland, California-based packaging company Ecologic Brands.

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The Entrain App Prevents Jet Lag


For frequent travelers by plane, jet lag can start becoming an issue after years of constantly sitting on the damn plane for hours upon hours. Well, a mathematician might have found the solution to the problem (like they should do right?) with his newly developed app called Entrain. It’s our understanding that “jet lag is the result of a disrupted circadian clock.” When the app steps in, it simulates your circadian clock on the phone and makes mathematically optimal lighting recommendations to help you adjust as fast as possible to new timezones and schedules. If you’re thinking it’s all bullshit, think again, because the recommendations (which tell you when to seek light and/or dark) are based on new research in the journal PLoS Computational Biology, so beat that!

Download HERE.

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Photographs of Mass Consumption Will Make You Wonder


Since most of us will never see this stuff in person, photographer Chris Jordan set out on a journey across the United States to document the way human and mass consumption significantly affects the world we live in. His journey took him to shipping ports and industrial yards where he captured full-scale photos of industrial waste, infrastructure and everyday objects like a huge pile of cellphones. The series of photographs will make you realize how blind and unaware we are to the waste we produce, because of the things that we want or “need.”

More HERE.

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Help Someone Go to New York City to Take Cool Photos


With an eye for photography combined with an eye for architecture, photographer Brad Sloan is seeking to bring us a book of photography that explores architectural lines and their fascinating urban connections. After visiting Manhattan for the first time in April 2012, Brad was immediately drawn to the way NY’s modern architecture blended and interacted with everything around it. While he was there he did have the opportunity to take some great shots of the city and edit them to his liking, but now he’d like to go back and make a full-on book out of it. However, he needs your help doing it via his Inceptualized Reality Kickstarter project. You’ll be backing him for travel, the expenses incurred while exploring the city and book publishing costs. His goal isn’t set to high (just $5,000) for something that we know will end up as a must-buy for your coffee table.

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